LiveWellNYU is a comprehensive framework that combines an evidence-based public health approach with innovative strategies for engagement to help students be healthy. Acknowledging that student health is inextricably linked to student success, LiveWellNYU aims to empower students to achieve their best possible health and to foster a University environment in which students can reach their full potential in all facets of their lives – in and out of the classroom.

The health issues that most impede academic achievement are largely preventable or treatable, which gives the University a huge opportunity for positive impact. LiveWellNYU promotes not only what can be done by individual students and the NYU Student Health Center but also provides strategies for faculty and staff; student leaders; parents, family, friends; and community partners to work together in a united and coordinated effort to improve the health and wellbeing of students. In collaboration with our partners in prevention, LiveWellNYU will create and sustain a healthy, thriving student population that will help build a healthier, more productive community.

Strategic Approaches

LiveWellNYU Model

The magnificent diversity of NYU’s student body—its varied ethnicity, country of origin, socioeconomic background, sexual orientation, and even course of study—makes it especially critical for LiveWellNYU to adapt carefully to meet the specific needs of each individual student. Moreover, as NYU continues to build a leading global university, challenges arise in providing the necessary support to more than 50,000 students at 15 international locations. Yet its very global nature presents NYU with enormous opportunities for LiveWellNYU to create healthful change around the globe. Toward that end, LiveWellNYU has identified six strategic approaches that serve as the building blocks to support NYU students in achieving health and success.