Environmental Health & Safety Procedures and Written Programs

Asbestos Management Safety Written Program (.DOC)  
Airborne Infectious Disease Exposure Prevention Plan and Appendices (PDF)
Confined Space Entry Procedure (.DOC) 
Construction and Renovation Waste Disposal Procedure (.DOC)
Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution (.DOC)
Electrical Extension Cords Procedure (.DOC)
Employee Occupational Injury/Illness Reporting (.DOC)
Fire Alarm System Inspection, Testing and Maintenance Procedure (.DOC)  
Fire Drills Procedures (.DOC)
Fire Extinguisher Inspection and Maintenance Procedure (.DOC)
Fire Incident Procedure (.DOC) 
Fire Prevention Procedures (.DOC)
Fire Safety Requirements for Interior Finish Materials (.DOC)
Fire Sprinkler/Standpipe System Impairment (.DOC)
Hand Held and Powered Hand Tools Procedure (.DOC)  
Hazard Communication Written Program (.DOC)
Hazardous Waste Minimization and Disposal Policy (.DOC)
Hearing Conservation Written Program (.DOC)  
Hot Work Permit for Welding, Flame Cutting and Soldering (.DOC) 
Lead Based Paint Management Procedure (.DOC)  
Life Safety for Outdoor Places of Assembly (.DOC)
Life Safety Requirements for Auditoriums, Screening Rooms and Theaters Written Program (.DOC)  
Lockout/Tag out Control of Hazardous Energy Procedure (.DOC)  
Machine Guarding Procedure (.DOC)  
Mold Prevention, Assessment, and Remediation Procedure (.DOC)  
Portable Ladder Safety Procedure (.DOC)  
Powered Industrial Trucks (PIT) Procedure (.DOC)  
Procedures for Ozone Depleting Substances (.DOC)  
Procedures for the Use and Selection of Personal Protective Equipment (.DOC)  
Respiratory Protection Written Program (.DOC)  
Safe Lifting/Healthy Back Procedure (.DOC)