Fire and Life Safety at NYU

Fire and Life Safety’s mission is to ensure the safety of the New York University community through the interpretation of fire protection codes and standards and the application of engineering principals. This is accomplished through the review and approval of drawings and technical documents for the construction of new buildings as well as the review and approval of similar documents for alteration/renovation, of any size, in existing buildings. In addition, this unit investigates University facilities to ensure that fire risks are minimized.

Fire Drills

A fire drill is a method of practicing how a building would be evacuated in the event of a fire or other emergency. NYU conducts three fire drills per academic year in each academic building and four fire drills per year in residence halls. Office buildings with more than 100 people have two drills per year. See NYU's Fire Drills Policy (.DOC) for further details.  

Certificate of Fitness for Torch Use of Flammable Gases for Cutting and Welding

Any persons using flammable gases to do torch cutting or welding is required to obtain a Certificate of Fitness (Type G-60) from the FDNY. Information can be obtained by going to the FDNY Website or by calling 718-999-1986