Updated: August 11


There's strength in numbers. 

As NYUers are begin to get back to regular commuting on subways, trains, and other forms of public transportation—many for the first time since the pandemic first took hold—the presence of another member of the NYU community can be a source of reassurance, and comfort.  Traveling with a “buddy” can help reduce anxiety, and make the commute more enjoyable!

To help folks connect with others who live nearby, NYU has recently launched a self-service Commuter Buddy Program, enabling participants to coordinate travel to and from work together within the tri-state area.

  • Commuter Buddies is only open to NYU community members
  • The program will use Google Groups on the web for people to post and label conversations and find people near you
  • Personal addresses and phone numbers do not need to be shared unless you choose to
  • Individual commute coordination should be coordinated outside of the Google Groups

Get Started

  1. Locate and join a Commuter Buddy Google Group that matches your neighborhood/transit line on the web
  2. Look through and filter conversations by transit station by selecting a label from the list on the left - you can even search conversations; respond directly to posts outside of the group via NYU email addresses
  3. Don't see a potential buddy? Post a new group conversation online
  4. Label your conversation with your closest transit station(s) after posting so those nearby can more easily connect with you
  5. Delete your post if you no longer need a commuter buddy


  • Bookmark your Commuter Buddy Group for easy access.
  • Want to receive more/less emails from the group? Change your subscription settings in the Group.
  • Travel by bus? Feel free to use Commuter Buddy Groups, add in your conversation subject line that you're traveling by bus, and label your post with the train/subway stop(s) that are closest to your bus station.


Remember, the Commuter Buddy Program is only as good as those willing to work together. With that in mind, please follow these guidelines:

  • Please post responsibly. Your NYU profile will be shown with each post.
  • If you choose to share your address, do not share personal information within the Google Group message board. Please follow up outside of the message board with your NYU email address to share further information privately.
  • Please follow through with coordinated plans.

Additional Commuter Resources



Use the MTA subway app (or similar apps) to see live departure times...to spend less time waiting in the station: