NYC Status

Updated: September 2

  • Fall classes for undergraduates began September 2. Classes will be in one of three modes: in-person, blended, and remote.
  • Employees not approved to be on campus will continue to telework.
  • Safety and health protocols are in effect.

Other Degree-granting Campuses

NYU Abu Dhabi

The fall "Remote Plus" semester will see many students living on campus while studying remotely. Face coverings and physical distancing are required. Testing, tracing, isolating, and monitoring will help to manage community health. All non-essential employees will continue to telework through the fall semester. The plan remains to bring the full community back together for in-person operations for the start of the spring semester in 2021, health and travel conditions permitting.

NYU Shanghai

The Fall term will offer both in-person and remote classes. Faculty, employees, and researchers have resumed full operations on site, in accordance with public health and safety protocols.

Global Sites

Nearly all of NYU's global sites, with the addition of NYU Athens, are operating in-person this fall, accommodating students who cannot or choose not to travel to their "home" campuses in New York, Abu Dhabi, and Shanghai. The one exception is NYU Los Angeles, as the Los Angeles County Department of Health has informed local colleges and universities that they will not be permitted to resume in-person operations until late November at the earliest. As a result, NYU Los Angeles will remain remote for classes, internships, and student activities for the fall semester.

We recognize that COVID-19's effects have been disparate, and its impacts on poor communities and communities of color have been especially painful. In our response to the coronavius, NYU is committed to mitigating those impacts as well as ensuring no one in our community is ostracized, bullied, or mistreated due to ignorance about this disease.

If any member of our community believes they have experienced harassment or discrimination, we encourage them to report concerns to the Bias Response Line.

Bias Response Line
(212) 998-2277

Students, email StudentLink

Faculty and Employees, email PeopleLink

Urgent after-hours inquiries, call (212) 998-1155

Support is Available