Updated: June 7

About the Daily Screener

All NYU students, faculty, employees, affiliates, visitors, and vendors entering NYU academic and administrative buildings, regardless of vaccination status, are required to complete a daily questionnaire prior to leaving for campus, called the Daily COVID-19 Screener for Campus Access (Daily Screener), via NYU Mobile or on a computer.

This questionnaire is most easily answered on a smartphone through the NYU Mobile app (Apple and Android). If you cannot use NYU Mobile, you can complete the screener online.

Campus visitors, vendors, and affiliates must be approved to enter NYU buildings and should follow these instructions.

After completing the Daily Screener, you will receive either a green “PASS” to enter an NYU building or red “FAIL” and be directed not to enter an NYU building. This confirmation will be emailed to you and must be presented to the Public Safety Officer at the building entrance, either on your phone's screen, tablet, laptop, or in printed form.

Do not proceed to campus if you do not receive authorization.

Need Help?

  • Any employee who has difficulty completing the Daily Screener at home, before they leave for work, should contact askpeoplelink@nyu.edu. Students, contact studentlink@nyu.edu.
  • Visitors, vendors, or affiliates having difficulty completing the Daily Screener should contact the Extended Community Support Team.
  • Please Note: Do not take the Daily Screener unless you intend to enter a NYU facility for the day.

Detailed Instructions

  • You should complete the survey before you leave for campus.
  • You will need a thermometer to take your temperature.

Using the NYU Mobile App

  1. Open the NYU Mobile App on your device.
  2. Tap the button for "Daily Screener."
  3. Enter the requested information and answer all the questions.
NYU Mobile Homescreen

Tap "Daily Screener"

NYU Daily COVID-19 Access Screener

Answer all questions and submit questionnaire.

Receiving Authorization to Proceed to Campus  

  1. Soon after completing the screener, you will receive a date-stamped email with a green “PASS” or a red “FAIL” directing you to stay home. A member of the COVID-19 Prevention & Response Team will reach out to students, faculty, and employees if you do not pass the screener.
  2. Public Safety Officers will ask to see this confirmation email at the building entrance, either on your phone's screen, tablet, laptop, or in printed form.
  3. Do not proceed to an NYU building if you do not receive the green "pass" authorization.
Screener status: pass

Show the Public Safety Officer your date-stamped green "pass" email.

Screener status: fail

Do NOT go on site; a member of the COVID-19 Prevention & Response Team will reach out to you.


Entering an NYU building without having first successfully completed the Daily Screener could result in your card being deactivated, barring you from entering NYU facilities.

  • On your first violation, you will receive an automatic email informing you to complete the Daily Screener before entering any NYU building or risk losing building access;
  • The second instance will result in your ID card being deactivated. You will then be unable to enter academic and administrative NYU buildings until your contact your school’s HR officer (for school administrators), school chief of staff (for faculty), unit lead (for other employees), or the Office of Student Conduct (for students).