All students, faculty, and employees who are eligible under state guidelines can schedule a COVID-19 vaccination or booster shot on-campus. You are not required to get your vaccine at NYU. We encourage everyone in the NYU community to seek a vaccine where available.

Updated: February 25

Schedule Your Appointment

To schedule an appointment:

  • Log in to the SHC Portal and select Schedule an Appointment;
  • Or call the SHC Department of Allergy, Immunology, and Travel Medicine at (212) 443-1188.

You only need to schedule one appointment. If you need a second vaccination to complete your primary vaccination series, you will schedule your second vaccine dose during your first appointment.

  • Eligibility: You must meet NYU and New York State eligibility criteria to get vaccinated at NYU.
  • Hours: Appointments are available Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.
  • Location: The vaccine clinic is currently located at 726 Broadway, 3rd Floor.
  • Vaccine Type: NYU is distributing the Pfizer vaccine and booster. We are not able to administer any other vaccine at this time. For complete information about the Pfizer vaccine, please review the Pfizer vaccine website or download the fact sheet.

If you have a current COVID-19 infection you should wait until you meet the criteria to end home isolation before getting vaccinated or receiving your booster shot.

Cancel or Reschedule Your Appointment

If you need to cancel your appointment, log in to the SHC Portal, click Appointments, and select Cancel Appointment or call the SHC at (212) 443-1188.

If you want to reschedule, you will be able to select a new appointment time after you cancel your original appointment.

Keep in mind that your second dose and booster dose should be administered within a specific time frame after receiving the previous dose.

Get Your Vaccine

  • Attire: Please wear clothing that will allow us access to the upper part of your arm. Your upper arm (deltoid muscle) must be easily accessible for us to administer your COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Arrival: Please arrive no more than five minutes before your appointment. You may need to show your confirmation email to the Campus Safety officer in order to enter the building.
  • Check in: You will need to complete a few forms when you arrive. Your nurse will review your health history and any health conditions you might have. Tell your nurse if you have any concerns or if shots make you nervous. We’re here to help you feel comfortable!
  • Appointment Length: Your appointment will take about 30-45 minutes. This includes time to check in, receive your vaccine, and be monitored by a nurse for 15-30 minutes afterward. Once your monitoring time period is over, you are free to leave.
  • If You Are Sick: If you’re not feeling well or are in quarantine/isolation on the day of your appointment, please stay home, reschedule your appointment, and complete the self-reporting form. If your illness is not COVID-19-related, you may get vaccinated when your symptoms resolve or as directed by your healthcare provider.

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