Am I required by NYU to get the COVID-19 vaccination?

NYU will require all students—undergraduate, graduate, and professional—to be vaccinated with an authorized vaccine as a condition of having access to NYU buildings (residential and non-residential) for the 2021–22 academic year. We also anticipate that this requirement will extend to NYU’s study away locations.

All faculty and employees who have been vaccinated with an authorized vaccine are required to upload their proof of vaccination.  NYU strongly urges all faculty and staff to get vaccinated as soon as they can. A decision regarding additional requirements for faculty and employees will be forthcoming.

What happens if students can’t easily get access to vaccines where they live – in the US or abroad? Can they get vaccinated when they get to NYU?

Given vaccine penetration in the US and projections related to supply in the coming months, it is our expectation that students in the United States should be able to get fully vaccinated prior to their arrival at NYU. Assuming the continued availability of vaccines, those students who are unable to access the COVID-19 vaccine prior to arrival, especially international students, should be able to get vaccinated in New York State and, we expect, very likely on NYU’s campus when they arrive in New York. There will be additional information over the summer from NYU’s Student Health Center regarding the implementation of the vaccination requirements. For students spending their fall semesters away from New York, our local site staff will work with students to identify any available local vaccination resources.

Why do I have to get vaccinated?

The driving force behind our vaccination requirement for students is to protect the health and safety of our community—and the NYC community—to the fullest extent possible, and to enable our students to engage in-person and more fully in various aspects of university life than they have since the onset of the pandemic. NYU will continue to make safety the primary consideration in its decision-making, and to rely on the most up-to-date scientific information available to make informed decisions about its operations.

As is the case with all vaccination requirements for students, students may request religious and medical exemptions from the COVID-19 vaccination requirements.

Where can I get vaccinated?

NYU strongly urges members of its community to get an available appointment for vaccination wherever they can as soon as they become eligible. Anyone 16 or over and living, studying or working at NYU’s New York campus is eligible to be vaccinated in New York; see the New York State vaccine hub for a list of vaccine locations in New York. Out of state residents should contact their local or state authorities for information.

NYU operates an on-campus vaccination site and can distribute vaccines to eligible NYU students, faculty, and employees. Current students, faculty, and employees can register for a vaccination appointment through our website.

Will international students who have been vaccinated in their countries need to be re-vaccinated here with a vaccine that is authorized for use in the United States?

We strongly encourage all eligible students to immediately seek out and receive COVID-19 vaccines that are nationally approved wherever they are.
NYU is awaiting guidance from US authorities on how to manage students who have received vaccines not approved for use in the US. We intend to facilitate the needs of these students (if any) based on this guidance.

How can I show proof of vaccination?

NYU has created a process to enable students, faculty, and employees to upload proof of completed vaccination using the Student Health Center's (SHC) Portal. Learn more about the six-step process.

Will there be exemptions to immunization against COVID-19?

Students attending on-campus classes may request an exemption from the vaccination requirement for medical or religious reasons.

Additional details about this process will be forthcoming.

Students who do not need to access NYU buildings (residential and non-residential), will not need to provide proof of vaccination.

Will I be able to register for classes for Fall 2021 without having been vaccinated yet?

Yes, you will be able to register for classes prior to vaccination.

Will there be a full-remote/virtual option for students who are enrolled in the fall but aren't vaccinated?

At NYU’s New York City campus, teaching modality in Fall 2021 will primarily be in-person instruction.  A fully-remote virtual option will only be available for those enrolled in our degree-granting online programs. In addition, we will be exploring how to meet the academic needs of students unable to come to campus because of visa issues or travel restrictions. We also plan on offering the vast majority of courses from our global sites in blended format, allowing for both in-person and remote participation.

How will vaccination data be used?

Vaccination data will be used to prevent and respond to the presence of COVID-19 on campus and to comply with federal, local and University public health guidelines. The information will be maintained in accordance with all applicable laws and public health regulations.

Will I have to pay to be vaccinated?

No, not if you receive your vaccination in the United States. The US federal government is providing the COVID-19 vaccination free of charge, regardless of immigration or health insurance status.  

If I am an employee and my vaccine appointment is during work hours, will I get paid?

Yes. The University provides all employees with four hours of paid leave time per vaccination appointment.

I already had COVID-19. Do I still need to show proof of vaccination for in-person attendance?


If I have had COVID-19 in the last 90 days, can I still receive the vaccine?

Yes, as long as you have been released from isolation, are no longer symptomatic and have been medically cleared by a doctor after having COVID-19, you are able to get vaccinated. You do not have to wait until 90 days after your diagnosis. As long as you are not actively sick, you are able to get the vaccine.