Which vaccine is NYU distributing?

NYU is distributing the Pfizer vaccine and booster to individuals eligible under New York State criteria. We are not able to administer any other vaccine at this time (Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, etc.). For complete information about the Pfizer vaccine, please review the Pfizer vaccine website or download the fact sheet.

Who administers the vaccine?

The vaccine is administered by a Registered Nurse.

Where is the vaccine clinic located?

The vaccine clinic is currently located at 726 Broadway, 2nd Floor.

Will I have privacy?

The vaccination area is set up so each person has a semi-private booth with their nurse. We also have fully private spaces for anyone who prefers more privacy – just tell your nurse.

Are language interpreters available?

If you need a language interpreter, please contact StudentLink or PeopleLink in advance and we will accommodate your request.

Does NYU provide transportation to vaccine appointments?

The Student Health Center is located on the NYU campus, so it is accessible by public transportation or by using NYU Transportation.