This academic year NYU’s COVID-19 testing program will consist of three types of testing to monitor COVID-19 infections within the NYU community and help prevent the spread of COVID-19: required ongoing testing, indicated testing, and discretionary testing.

As members of the NYU student, faculty, and employee community reconvene in New York City and on campus, those individuals who are not required to test may choose to utilize Discretionary Testing (up to once a week).

Note: All travelers should review and follow NYU's additional travel-related quarantine and testing recommendations.

Updated: June 3

Required Testing

Ongoing Testing

Note: All members of the NYU community are required to be up to date on their vaccinations, to upload proof to NYU’s portal, and have that proof verified. The ongoing testing requirements below apply to a select group of individuals only.

Who is Required to Get Tested Weekly

  • Students, faculty, and staff who have an approved religious or medical
    vaccination exemption
  • Students who are not fully vaccinated yet -- either:
    • received their first dose of a two-dose primary vaccination series, but are not yet eligible for the second; or
    • received their final dose of their primary vaccination, but it has not been 14 days since their last dose
  • Faculty and employees who are eligible for a booster and have not yet received one

Access to NYU Buildings and Activities

Anyone who has an approved vaccination exemption or is not fully vaccinated yet must have a negative Binx or BioReference test result within the previous 7 days in order to enter NYU buildings or participate in University-sponsored events, on or off campus. Without a negative test result, you will not be able to access the NYU Daily Screener, which is required for all building and participation in all University-sponsored activities, on- or off-campus.

More about Building Access »

Indicated Testing

Regardless of vaccination status, indicated testing is expected of all students, faculty, and employees who:

  • Have symptoms of COVID-19; or
  • Have been in close contact of someone who tested positive for COVID-19

Anyone who meets the criteria above should follow the instructions for individuals who have symptoms or were exposed to COVID-19. Testing must be done within a specific time frame to produce reliable results.

Discretionary Testing

Discretionary testing is open to all students, faculty, and employees who wish to take a COVID-19 test. Optimally, it should be used by individuals who were recently in a higher transmission setting.

How to Get Tested

NYU offers two testing methods for COVID-19 testing; a saliva test kit powered by Binx, which can be self-administered at home, or a rapid PCR test, which is administered on campus using a shallow nasal swab.

In addition to any required testing, NYU students, faculty, and staff may get a discretionary test at NYU (up to once a week).

Monitoring Our Testing Protocol

We will monitor test results for any uptick that necessitates a change in campus protocol or a need to further increase the level of testing.

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