NYU began Academic Year 2021-22 with important safety and health rules in place to safeguard the community. As the year has progressed, based on evolving data from our testing and tracing programs, feedback from schools and units, and guidance from public health agencies, we have gradually made adjustments to these protocols and restrictions, outlined below.

Updated: April 7

List of Recent COVID-19 Policy Changes

Guideline/Protocol Effective Change

Events, Meetings, and Gatherings


Apr. 5 – Events, meetings, and gatherings can take place in person without any additional restrictions.

More info: Events, Meetings, and Gatherings



Mar. 30 – Masks are not required in spaces or activities where attendance is optional. Masks are still required in settings where attendance is required, including classrooms and workplaces.

More info: Masks and PPE



Mar. 9 – Faculty and employee travel to most locations no longer needs to be pre-approved.  Travelers must still be vaccinated, or have received an OEO accommodation specifically related to their trip.

More info: Travel Policy

Expanded Indoor Eating


Mar. 7 – Indoor eating is permitted in settings where attendance is optional.

More info: Eating and Drinking on Campus • DiningEvents, Meetings, and Gatherings



Mar. 7 – In-person meetings are permitted to occur and must comply with all event requirements.

More info: Events, Meetings, and Gatherings

Campus Visitors


Feb. 22 – Essential visitors may participate in University-sponsored activities on and off campus.

More info: Campus Visitors

NYU Academic Showcases and Performances


Feb. 22 – Schools are permitted to allow pre-registered visitors (e.g., parents) to attend academic-based showcases and performances.

More info: Performing Arts GuidelinesEvents, Meetings, and GatheringsCampus Visitors

NYU Athletic Events


Feb. 22 - Athletics is permitted to allow pre-registered campus visitors (e.g., parents or other spectators) to watch athletic competitions.

More info: Athletics, Recreation, and FitnessCampus Visitors

Events and Gatherings


Feb. 22 - No restrictions on capacity or duration limits on events, gatherings, or meetings.

Singing, dancing, acting, and musical instruments will be permitted at events and meetings based on appropriately-sized room availability.

More info: Events, Meetings, and Gatherings

Group Fitness


Feb. 22 - Masked group fitness activities are permitted.

More info: Athletics, Recreation, and Fitness



Feb. 22 - Meetings can take place in person without any additional restrictions.

More info: Events, Meetings, and Gatherings

Athletic Facilities


Feb. 7 - Athletic facilities are open for individual fitness activities.

More info: Athletics, Recreation, and Fitness  

Student Visitors in Residence Halls


Feb. 7 - Students may invite other NYU student visitors to their rooms.

Students are permitted to use common areas/lounges in residence halls.

More info: Student Housing

Events and Gatherings


Feb. 7 - Events, gatherings, and meetings can take place in person.

More info: Events, Meetings, and Gatherings

Student Club Meetings


Feb. 7 - Student clubs may resume previously paused in-person meetings.

More info: Events, Meetings, and Gatherings

Group Study Rooms


Feb. 7 - Group study rooms are now open.

More info: LibrariesEvents, Meetings, and Gatherings

In-person Staffing


Feb. 7 - All University units can lift the Omicron-related restrictions regarding scheduling and on-site presence.

More info: Offices

Eating On Campus


Feb. 4 - Dining halls are open for regular meal service and seated dining.

More info: Dining

Performing Arts Classes


Feb. 2 - Schools are permitted to lift the Omicron-related restrictions on academic performing arts guidelines at a date decided upon by the school.

More info: Performing Arts Guidelines