TO: NYU Students

FROM: Dr. Carlo Ciotoli, Executive Lead, NYU COVID-19 Prevention & Response Team

DATE: September 7, 2020

As was communicated in a September 3rd email, all members of the NYU community wishing to maintain access to NYU buildings must participate in the ongoing COVID-19 testing program.

As part of this ongoing testing program, you are required to get a COVID-19 test this week at the NYU testing center on Gould Plaza near Washington Square Park. Appointments are available on Tuesday, September 8th and Thursday, September 10th. Schedule your appointment here as soon as possible.

Notification of Results

You will have access to your results through the lab’s patient portal. If the results are negative, you can carry on as usual. If you receive a positive test result, you should take the following actions:

  • Immediately isolate yourself away from others, preferably in your own living space or bedroom. Do not come to campus: stay home or return home immediately.
  • The NYU COVID-19 Prevention & Response Team will reach out to you to discuss appropriate protocols; you must follow all instructions closely.
  • Students who require medical care should make an appointment at the Student Health Center. Faculty and staff who need medical care should contact their own medical providers.
  • Anyone experiencing a medical emergency should call 911 immediately to access Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

Test results will be automatically transmitted to the NYU COVID-19 Prevention & Response Team. You do not need to submit these results through the pre-arrival testing portals, as you may have done previously.

Frequency of Testing

You will be expected to test every other week and will be given a reminder at the beginning of the week you are required to test.

Participation is Mandatory

Participation in the ongoing testing process is mandatory. It is a vital part of the measures we are taking to keep each other safe. Those who do not observe the requirements of the testing programs will have their NYU ID cards deactivated and will not be able to enter NYU buildings.

Test Result Data

Aggregated community data on testing and results from the ongoing testing program — along with all other test submissions — will be updated at least weekly on the status page of the NYU Returns web hub.

Support and Questions

If you have questions, please contact

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and commitment to your health and safety and to those around you.