DATE: January 27, 2022
TO: Students Not Compliant with the Booster Vaccination Requirement

Dear Student:

Our records indicate that you have not yet complied with the University’s vaccination requirement, which includes getting a booster shot when eligible, applies to the entire NYU community, and is a condition of taking in-person and blended classes and otherwise accessing campus facilities or participating in any in-person University sponsored activities. At present, since you have not yet complied with the University’s vaccination/booster requirement, you do NOT have access to NYU academic and administrative buildings, including classrooms, and are not permitted to participate in University-sponsored in-person activities on- or off-campus, including but not limited to internships, practicums, field placements, immersion experiences, field trips, and events.

It is urgent that you take action now to avoid de-enrollment on Thursday, February 3, 2022.

As you know from previous emails, all members of the NYU community must be up-to-date with their vaccinations against COVID-19, and they must upload proof. Please take the following actions right away to avoid de-enrollment from in-person and blended classes and the continued loss of access to all NYU buildings.

  • If you have already gotten vaccinated and/or gotten a booster shot with an FDA- or WHO-authorized vaccine, please upload proof of your vaccination immediately.
  • If you have not yet been vaccinated or boosted, schedule an appointment to get vaccinated right away.
  • If you believe you have a legitimate medical or religious reason for being exempt from the vaccination requirement, you must submit an exemption request right away. Note: if your exemption request is denied, you will be required to get vaccinated right away to avoid de-enrollment from in-person and blended classes.
  • If you have already uploaded your vaccination proof and believe our records are incorrect, please contact as soon as possible to avoid possible de-enrollment.
  • If you believe you are receiving this communication in error (eg, because you are enrolled exclusively in online classes, you will not be coming to campus for any reason, and there are no in-person components of any type in your courses), you should contact your academic advisor.
  • If you are an international student and you have not yet arrived to campus or you have not yet had access to an FDA or WHO-authorized vaccine, please see below.

Consequences of Non-compliance

Consistent with university policy, students who remain non-compliant with the vaccine/booster requirements will begin to be de-enrolled from all in-person and blended classes on Thursday, February 3; they may remain enrolled only in online classes and will remain unable to access any NYU facilities and may not participate in any in-person University sponsored activities. Students who remain non-compliant and have registered only for in-person or blended classes will be completely de-enrolled from the University — a serious consequence, and one we sincerely hope to avoid.

Students who are de-enrolled due to non-compliance with NYU’s vaccine mandate will be subject to NYU’s refund deadlines. For more information about the Spring 2022 fee and tuition refund schedules, click here. If, after reviewing the refund schedule, you have further questions, you should contact the Bursar at or 212-998-2806.

Additional Information for International Students

In addition to all of the above, if you are an international student who has not yet entered the United States and has not yet had access to FDA or WHO-authorized vaccines, but you plan on complying with NYU’s booster vaccine requirement upon arrival in the U.S., please complete this form if you have not already done so.

Please note, if you are a newly admitted international student beginning your academic program for Spring 2022 OR you are an international student returning from a leave of absence for the Spring 2022 semester, you must ALSO request a new I-20/DS-2019 from OGS, as you will need a new immigration document to be able to enter the United States. To request a new I-20/DS-2019, please submit your US entry plan information.


If you have questions about the University’s COVID-19 protocols and requirements, please visit the NYU Returns website.

If you have questions about uploading your vaccination proof, about your eligibility, or you believe our records are incorrect, please contact immediately.

If you have questions about your degree program, your course schedule, or about online classes, please contact your academic advisor.