Date: May 15, 2020
NYU Researchers

To the members of the NYU research community,

As of today, the NYC region has not met the seven metrics required by New York State to begin a phased reopening. This pushes back the plan to start Phase 2 reopening of our science and engineering labs to June 8, and possibly later depending on mandates from the city and state.

We should carry on with preparations as we look toward gradually reopening our research labs in accordance with public health guidelines and University procedures. Remote research should continue to the fullest extent possible. A working draft of NYU’s research reconstitution plan is available for your review as you consider your particular needs and areas. Feedback on this plan is welcome as the situation remains dynamic. An FAQ is forthcoming.

Critical research has been ongoing throughout the pandemic. Labs conducting work that falls into these critical research categories is permitted:

  • Experiments aimed at understanding, treating, or preventing COVID-19 viral infection
  • Work involving irreplaceable biological specimens, including plants, samples, and cell lines, that would otherwise be lost
  • Maintenance of essential equipment that cannot be attended to remotely or powered down without significant cost or consequence to the research effort
  • Preservation of unique or rare materials and/or reagents that require routine care
  • Completion of long-term experiments which, if ceased, would result in extraordinary consequences
  • Research that involves care for animals including continual treatment, manipulation, special feeding or other accommodations that can be carried out with minimal social contact with others and appropriate precautions

As always, ensuring the protection of our community is of paramount importance. Your research is critical to NYU’s core mission, and it will be heartening to the whole community to see it recommence.


Stacie Bloom
Vice Provost for Research
New York University