Date: June 23, 2021
To: The NYU Community
From: Dr. Carlo Ciotoli, MD, MPA, Exec. Lead, COVID-19 Prevention & Response Team

Against the backdrop of increasing rates of vaccination and decreasing rates of new COVID infections, new public health guidance has recently come from both New York State and the federal government. NYU is correspondingly revising its safety and health guidelines.

Please note:

  • Applicable Settings: This revised guidance applies to general, non-residential, non-academic settings. It does not apply to the classroom, residence hall, or private gatherings, where existing rules will continue to apply.
  • Definition of “Fully Vaccinated”: Guidance citing “fully vaccinated” individuals means students, faculty, and employees: (a) who have completed all doses of an FDA-authorized or WHO-listed COVID-19 vaccine (e.g., two doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, one dose of Johnson & Johnson); (b) for whom 14 days have passed since their final dose; AND (c) who have uploaded proof of vaccination and had it validated by the SHC Immunization Compliance Team.
  • Timeframe: These are interim changes; they will be re-evaluated in late July against the backdrop of any subsequent public health guidance and data about vaccination rates in the NYU community.



Mask/Face Coverings

Face coverings continue to be required indoors, regardless of vaccination status. Example: participants in a meeting in a conference room should continue to wear face coverings.

Physical Distancing

Fully Vaccinated

Students and employees who meet the criteria specified above for fully vaccinated no longer need to maintain six feet of physical distance on University property, indoors or outdoors. Example: students sitting in a lounge who are fully vaccinated and have their status validated do not need to be six feet apart.

Not Fully Vaccinated

It is the personal responsibility of those individuals who do not meet the criteria for being fully vaccinated to continue to maintain physical distancing. Example: students who are not fully vaccinated are responsible for ensuring that they maintain six feet of distance in virtually all settings.

Events and Gatherings

NYU is loosening restrictions on University-sponsored events and gatherings occurring on or off campus with the following guidance:

Capacity limits for Events and Gatherings (On or Off Campus)

  • Indoor events or meetings with 250 or fewer individuals or outdoor gatherings with 500 or fewer individuals do not require authorization from the COVID-19 Prevention & Response Team. Professional staff advisors to student organizations, managers, and other faculty or employees in supervisory roles may determine whether to allow these meetings to occur and take responsibility for ensuring university protocols are followed. Example: an event in Rosenthal with 100 student participants may proceed but should end in less than two hours; masks should be worn.
  • Indoor events or meetings with more than 250 individuals or outdoor gatherings with more than 500 individuals must receive explicit approval from the COVID-19 Prevention & Response Team. Please complete this form at the beginning of your event/gathering planning process and at least 1 month in advance. Example: an event with 600 students, faculty, and staff on Gould Plaza should not proceed until the organizer has completed the form and received CPRT approval.

Event Duration

We recommend that no indoor event — whether above or below the numbers of participants indicated above — exceed 2 hours duration.

Eating and Drinking at Events and Gatherings

Eating and drinking will be permitted at outdoor events only.

Participant/Attendee List for Events and Gatherings

Anyone hosting an event or gathering must maintain an attendee/participant list for purposes of contact tracing should someone attending the event test positive for COVID-19. This list must include first name, last name, best contact phone number, and NetID or external email address for all participants.