TO: NYU Undergraduate Students

FROM: Office of Global Programs

DATE: October 6, 2020

Dear NYU Undergraduate Students,

Under Go Local, students this fall have been permitted to study at an NYU location other than their home campus, provided they were able to both reside and study in that alternative location without the issuance of a new student visa or other University-provided documentation. Given the ongoing public health situation, we will be extending the program into the Spring 2021 semester — with some modifications — and will be maintaining our restrictions on study away.

The Go Local Program for Spring 2021

In Spring 2021, our plan is to offer courses in person at all the global sites and degree-granting campuses, provided local laws and rules permit it. As in the fall, you must be able to legally reside and study in a location without a new student visa or other University-provided documentation. As has been the case this semester, we will do our best to accommodate those of you who wish to live in NYU housing, but housing is not guaranteed and will not be available at all NYU locations.

Go Local students are encouraged to take at least one in-person course offered at their intended location. However, if full-time students wish to reside in local NYU housing — where offered — without taking a locally offered course, we will try to accommodate them if space is available (with the exception of those going local at NYU Abu Dhabi where approved Go Local students will need to take at least one course offered by the site, and those going local at NYU Shanghai where housing is not available for Go Local students). Housing priority will be given to students enrolled in at least one locally offered course.

Also in spring, students who meet Go Local eligibility requirements may choose to apply to the general program or one of several specialized “tracks” that will be offered at select locations. These tracks, where possible, will mirror some of the opportunities we normally offer as a part of study away (e.g., the Global Leadership Program at NYU Washington, DC; the program for advanced students in entertainment and media at NYU Los Angeles; internship programs at most global sites). As is typical, these tracks will require additional application materials. More details will be posted on our website by October 15.

To learn about planned course offerings, review eligibility requirements, and to apply for the Go Local option, please visit the Go Local web page. Students who have applied for study away for Spring 2021, or those who are currently participating in Go Local and are now interested in the Spring Go Local option, must submit a new application.

Students who may live near a global site but do not wish to participate formally in the Go Local program are invited to stay connected with the NYU community by signing up to receive updates on virtual and in-person programming and to visit the site, where possible, for occasional use of NYU facilities and resources. Instructions for how to sign up for this option are posted on the Go Local website. Any student wishing to visit a global site will be required to follow the same guidelines as other students at the site, such as the use of a daily health screener and proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken right before their anticipated arrival. Please note that this option will not be available at all locations — more information is available online.

Many students may not be eligible to participate in the Go Local program but are living somewhere in the world far from their home campus, studying remotely, and would like to take NYU courses offered at times other than those offered by their home campus. If you are among them, we would like you to be aware that nearly all of the courses taught from NYU’s sites and campuses (with the exception of those offered at NYU Shanghai) will be available for remote enrollment.

All of the courses taught at the global sites are designed in very close collaboration with NYU faculty in the appropriate departments in New York, Abu Dhabi, and Shanghai, and they count toward NYU degree requirements exactly the same as courses taught at the degree-granting campuses. You can find more information about our planned offerings on our website, and they will be available for registration directly in Albert.

These Go Local guidelines generally apply to all students from the New York and Abu Dhabi degree-granting campuses. NYU Abu Dhabi students will receive a follow-up communication from their school with additional information and guidelines.

Now that all NYU Shanghai students are able to return to their home campus for in-person study, they will not be eligible for the Go Local program, unless they have eligibility to study away during Spring 2021. NYU Shanghai students who choose to Go Local will have the semester count as a study-away semester.

Exchange Programs for Spring 2021

We are continuing our suspension of NYU’s exchange programs and will neither be sending students to partner schools nor hosting students from partner schools this spring. We of course will resume our exchange programs as soon as we believe it is appropriate to do so, keeping in mind public health guidelines.

Help with Your Decision

Finally, NYU stands prepared to do everything we can to support students in the event of local COVID-related closures, stay-at-home orders, and/or other events. However, we want you to be mindful that it may become difficult to return home should conditions deteriorate, and that you should think this through before deciding where to study next semester. If you do choose to Go Local in a location where you do not have family or other support, please be prepared for the possibility that you may not be able to return home when you wish. If you would like to discuss your options, please contact, and we will be happy to think through with you the best possible place for you to study next semester.

We want to thank you, in advance, for your understanding and perseverance in navigating these extraordinarily complicated times, and we are committed to providing you with as much flexibility as we can as you plan for your spring studies. And again, please direct any questions to

The Office of Global Programs