TO: NYU Students

FROM: Marc Wais, Senior Vice President for Student Affairs

DATE: September 18, 2020

Dear NYU Student,

I hope that you and your loved ones are doing well and that you are enjoying your classes! Please know that we appreciate your thoughtfulness, resiliency, and commitment to our community and keeping each other safe as we complete the third week of the fall semester!

As we approach another beautiful fall weekend in New York, I wanted to make you aware of some activities sponsored by the University or taking place in the City that you might want to take advantage of tonight (the beginning of a Jewish holiday) and this weekend:

Our Explore NYC link provides activities in the City throughout the fall semester for those who like to plan ahead.

As in the past, I once again urge you to please continue avoiding gatherings where people aren't wearing masks or distancing. You've been great so far — please keep it up! Take good care, keep each other safe, and enjoy the weekend!