Date: March 8, 2021
To: NYU Affiliates and Affiliate Sponsors
From: Exec. Vice President Martin Dorph and Ben Maddox, NYU Returns Operations Deputy

Dear NYU Affiliates and Affiliate Sponsors:

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, NYU instituted mandatory public health protocols designed to protect the health and safety of the NYU community. That community includes affiliates like you, who support our academic and operational missions.

This semester, the university is restricting access to NYU academic and administrative buildings to only those affiliates included in the NYU Returns plan of their sponsoring school or unit. All approved affiliates must also use the Daily Screener and, on the screener, attest to having obtained a negative COVID-19 diagnostic PCR test during the 14-day period prior to each day they intend to be on campus.

To facilitate the testing requirement described above, we are offering, but not requiring, a free testing option to affiliates who appear on a school’s or unit’s Returns plan. NOTE: If you are already regularly testing through NYU as an employee of an NYU vendor, please continue to follow the process already in place.


If not and you would like to take advantage of this university-provided testing, please follow these instructions:

  • Ensure that you are on your sponsoring school’s or unit’s Returns plan. For more information, please visit this site.
  • Be prepared to show this email, with the Green Affiliate Logo, or print it out and bring it, along with your NYUCard (if you have one), to the Affiliate Test Kit distribution location at Kimmel Center (60 Washington Square South, 2nd Floor, NY NY 10012). Hours of operation: Monday-Thursday, 8-8pm, and Friday, 8-4pm.
  • Please make sure that you are picking up your test kit at the Affiliate Test Distribution Location on the 2nd floor. Take the stairs to the 2nd floor and, at the top of the stairs, go through the left gate to pick up the test kit.
  • It is important that the test kit you receive is clearly labeled as “Affiliate.” Picking up the wrong test will result in an error message when you try to activate your test kit.

Thank you for your compliance with this protocol. You can find much more information about NYU’s response to the COVID-19 crisis at or by emailing us at