Date: March 20, 2020
To: NYU Faculty, Staff and Trainees Conducting Research

It is with great difficulty and sincere acknowledgement of the tremendous implications for your laboratories and the pace of scientific discovery at NYU that I write to update you on COVID-19 impacts to research being conducted in University buildings and laboratories. This situation has escalated quickly over the past 24 hours.

Ensuring that the protection of our community is of paramount importance, and to comply with the Governor’s orders, NYU must now restrict ongoing research being conducted in University buildings and laboratories solely to that which is deemed critical.

Only critical research as defined below, with the approval of the Department Chair and Dean may continue beyond Monday, March 23.

Critical research includes:

  • Experiments aimed at understanding, treating, or preventing COVID-19 viral infection
  • Work involving irreplaceable biological specimens, including plants, samples, and cell lines, that would otherwise be lost
  • Maintenance of essential equipment that cannot be attended to remotely or powered down without significant cost or consequence to the research effort
  • Preservation of unique or rare materials and/or reagents that require routine care
  • Completion of long-term experiments which, if ceased, would result in extraordinary consequences
  • Research that involves care for animals including continual treatment, manipulation, special feeding or other accommodations that can be carried out with minimal social contact with others and appropriate precautions

Like you, I am concerned about the long-term impact this will have. Although heartbreaking, now is the time to protect ourselves and keep others safe.

Stacie Grossman Bloom

Vice Provost for Research
New York University