Date: March 17, 2020
To: NYU Research Community

Dear Research Colleagues,

As you are aware, there have been significant changes to NYU’s operations since my communication on March 12. Central research operations that can be administered remotely have fully transitioned. Essential staff remain onsite to maintain and protect research resources, lab space and equipment. We are committed to providing continuous and timely service and support to faculty, researchers, postdocs and students.

In keeping with directives recently issued by CDC, DOH, and city officials, and in line with best practices adopted broadly by our peer universities, the following recommendations apply to NYU's research enterprise:

All research that can be conducted remotely should be encouraged

  • Practice social distancing in the labs by limiting the number of individuals present at a given time; preferably with access only by critical personnel
  • Cease or limit initiation of new experiments
  • Ensure emergency supplies are on hand
  • Review lab safety protocols and checklists to ensure laboratories are prepared to shut down, knowing that many of you have already voluntarily pursued this option

We recognize that the impact of this pandemic may cause delay and/or loss of research productivity. We are here to support you. With SPA, we will develop and disseminate information about extramural funding as it relates to salaries, stipends, reimbursement of paid expenses, extensions of performance periods, alternative use of awarded funds, project close-outs and audit submissions.

We will also provide language that can be shared with programs and grants officers across agencies to satisfy documentation requirements. We are ready to work with faculty, researchers and school/unit level personnel on continuity of funding for sponsored research.

As the situation changes, please check here for real time updates and checklists. Thank you for all of your assistance during these trying times, and know that the team, as always, is available to you. I sincerely hope everyone is staying healthy and safe - your scholarly work is the heart of our university, and our people are our priority.

Stacie Grossman Bloom
Vice Provost for Research
New York University