Date:  June 24, 2020
To: NYU Faculty and Researchers
From: Stacie Bloom, Vice Provost of Research  


Dear Colleagues,
I am reaching out to you to share some guidance around the Executive Order (EO) recently issued by the White House that suspends the issuing of some temporary visas until the end of the year.
The EO will have the greatest impact with respect to H-1B visas — which are used by many departments throughout NYU to hire faculty and researchers from outside of the US — leaving us unable to sponsor new international candidates before December 31, 2020 if they are outside the United States. Those individuals whose status change is underway (i.e. someone seeking to switch from OPT to an H-1B visa), and are already in the US, will not be affected. However, those who have left the country during this period will not be able to re-enter until the EO has expired or been modified. J-1 exchange visas, which provide short-term working visas for students matriculated overseas and J-1 scholars, are unaffected for NYU’s hiring purposes. There has also been no change in the status of F-1 visas for students.
I know this may raise specific questions for you, and I would encourage you or your teams to be in touch with the OGS Scholars team at You can also get more specific information on this executive order as well as updates by checking the OGS website.

On the positive front, the Optional Practical Training (OPT) and Curricular Practical Training (CPT) programs — which are crucial drivers for attracting talented international students and which appeared to be seriously in peril — have been unaffected.   

Attracting talent from around the world has been an indispensable element in the success of NYU’s research enterprise. It has fueled scientific breakthroughs and discovery. I will stay in touch as we know more about the consequences of this order.

Stacie Bloom
Vice Provost of Research