Date: August 18, 2022
To: NYU Employees
From: Martin Dorph, Executive Vice President and Dr. Carlo Ciotoli, Vice President, Campus Health

You recently received a message containing brief updates on the University’s approach to COVID-19 and to Monkeypox.

This message contains more detailed information about how the University plans to facilitate building access for the fall 2022 semester while still ensuring that all members of our community comply with the COVID-19 vaccination requirements.

Violet Go

Many members of our community found it tiresome to have to log in and use multi-factor authentication each time they needed to complete the Daily Screener.

With Violet Go, we’ve made things easier. Log in and authenticate once, then put the pass in your phone’s “wallet” — it’ll be there whenever you need it, as long as you stay compliant with the COVID-19 vaccination policy.

If you don’t mind logging in daily, you can use Violet Go exactly as you did the Daily Screener. But if you want to make life a little easier by simply opening your phone’s wallet to present a pass, then add the Violet Go pass to your phone’s wallet.

Note: NYU affiliates, vendors, and visitors, and any employees who are not fully compliant with NYU’s vaccination requirements, will have to continue to complete the Violet Go pass each day they intend to come to campus.

Building Access for Affiliates, Vendors, and Visitors

(Note: In this section, we will refer to “visitors” as a shorthand for “affiliates, vendors, and visitors.”)

Visitors Welcome (As Long as They Are in Compliance with Our Vaccination Requirement)

For much of the last two and a half years, the University strictly limited visitors’ access to campus, permitting only those whose in-person presence served an essential purpose.

For 2022-23, we want to once again broadly welcome visitors to campus. Any visitor who 1) has been sponsored for a visit by an NYU employee for any reason and 2) proves their compliance with the University’s vaccination requirements (more on that, below) may access NYU’s campus and attend NYU events (please note: attendees of a small subset of events that are open to the public may not require sponsorship).

New Visitor Management System: Goodbye, Veoci; Hello, JRNY

During the fall, the University will replace Veoci, our current visitor management system, with JRNY (pronounced “journey”). JRNY has a cleaner, easier-to-use interface. And, unlike Veoci, JRNY permits sponsors to upload visitor requests in bulk.

As the transition from Veoci to JRNY draws closer, we will send more detailed information. In the meantime, if you want to bring a visitor to campus, please continue to use Veoci.

And even after JRNY replaces Veoci, we’ll still need to review and verify each visitor’s proof of vaccination, so please continue to submit your visitor request at least seven business days in advance.

New Options for Verifying Visitors’ Proof of Vaccination

In addition to expediting the pre-arrival verification process, the University will make things easier by 1) establishing vaccination check stations and 2) expanding the use of check-at-the-door verification.

Vaccination Check Stations

Visitors who have been sponsored by an NYU employee may, if they choose, go to one of the following vaccination check stations, which will be open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m-6 p.m., starting on Wednesday, August 24:

  • Gould Welcome Center (Address: 50 West 4th Street)
  • 2 MetroTech Center Lobby
  • NYU College of Dentistry (Address: 345 East 24th Street)

There, visitors who present valid proof of vaccination will receive a printed vaccination verification receipt — good for one week — that confirms compliance with the University’s vaccination requirements (note: visitors who need to be on campus for more than one week will either need to visit a vaccination check station again or upload their proof of vaccination).

Visitors can then present their receipt, along with their ID, to the Campus Safety Officer at the building they are visiting (please remember: only sponsored visitors will be permitted to enter).

Check-at-the-Door Vaccination Verification

Earlier this year, the University began permitting check-at-the-door vaccination verification for certain limited types of events. For the fall 2022 semester, NYU will enable academic conferences hosted by NYU employees to use the check-at-the-door process.

For events using the check-at-the-door process, attendees will have three options for proving compliance with the University’s vaccination requirements:

  • Check-at-the-door
  • Pre-arrival upload and verification (via Veoci, then JRNY)
  • The vaccination check stations described above

The following types of events may use the check-at-the-door process:

  • Academic exhibitions or live performances
  • Athletics events
  • Bonomi admissions tours managed by the Bonomi Welcome Center
  • NYU Galleries
    • Grey Art Gallery
    • 80 Washington Square East Gallery
    • Institution of Fine Arts (IFA)
    • Institute for the Study of the Ancient World (ISAW)
  • Events involving alumni and/or donors
  • Academic conferences

Event hosts seeking to use the check-at-the-door verification process should complete this Check-at-the-Door request form at least three weeks before their planned event(s). If their event is approved to use the check-at-the-door process, hosts will receive instructions for managing that process.

Any employee serving as a vaccination checker for an event must complete the online Vaccination Checker Training, on NYUiLearn.