Date: December 16, 2020

To: Students in Student Housing

From: Kate Baier, Executive Director, Residential Life
Neil Hanrahan, Executive Director, Housing Services

As we did with the fall semester, we are committed to starting the spring semester with safety uppermost in mind. That means, among other things, testing for all, and quarantining for those required to do so in line with government and public health guidelines.

We are also mindful that quarantines, even if required, are a hardship. And they eat into the well-earned and much-needed winter break, as you have let us know in no uncertain terms since we wrote to you last week.

So we want to make the process as simple, straightforward, and short as possible. We have some revised and updated information.

Required Quarantine and Key Dates

NYS requires anyone from outside of New York and its five contiguous states (CT, MA, NJ, PA, VT), including most international locations, to quarantine on arrival. The default expectation is for a 14-day quarantine. However, the State makes provision for a shorter quarantine period — which we recommend — if you meet certain criteria.

Revised Arrival Date for Those Required to Quarantine: January 16 and 17

To avail yourself of this shortened quarantine:

  • 1) You will need to arrange for yourself to be tested within the three-day period before departing for NYC; 2) The test must be negative; 3) You will need to provide proof of the test to NYU’s COVID-19 Prevention & Response Team
    • Important: We will be relying on students themselves to make the necessary pre-departure testing arrangements; the University will not arrange for this testing. Those who are unable to arrange a pre-departure test will need to quarantine for the full 14 days
  • You must be tested on the day you arrive to housing (through the University)
  • You will need to be tested again (through the University) on day four of quarantine. If this test is also negative, NYU’s COVID-19 Prevention & Response Team will review the results and inform you if you are able to end your quarantine early.

Arrival Date for Those NOT Required to Quarantine: January 24 and Onwards

Those who do not need to quarantine (meaning you have not spent more than 24 hours outside NY or one of its five contiguous states or an applicable international location) should continue to plan to arrive at the dorms on January 24 or later. Same as those obligated to quarantine, students must be tested using the University’s testing on the day they arrive back to their dorm.

*Please note: Classes begin on January 28, and it can take two to three
days to receive your test results, so you should plan your return
accordingly. You will not be permitted access to NYU academic
buildings until you are compliant with these testing and quarantine

Sharing Your Spring Travel and Arrival Plans

While these dates may have shifted, the need for the University to understand your departure and arrival plans have not.

If you have not yet responded to the “Travel Arrangements” form distributed last week or now need to adjust your stated plans, please share your departure and return dates via the “Travel Arrangements” form, located at the top of the housing portal landing page by Friday, December 18, 2020. If you have already declared a return date of January 8/9, we will continue to honor that arrival timeline (if that is still your preference).

If your plans require you to remain in your residence hall assignment for the winter recess, or you have extenuating circumstances that require your return to campus outside of the dates noted above, please provide that information on the form and we will be in touch to confirm your requested arrangements.

As stated in last week's communication, we may need to make some temporary adjustments to living situations, due to the potential quarantine requirements of spring suitemates and/or roommates. To that end, we are securing additional temporary spaces to meet the possible relocation need for either quarantining or non-quarantining students. All students should be prepared then, when traveling to campus, to check directly into a temporary space and should pack accordingly.

And, as always, students are welcome to arrange their own quarantine accommodations off campus until their designated return date.

Should New York State change any quarantine-related guidelines, we will be in touch with you.


Thank you for your continued commitment to our shared goal of “Keeping Each Other Safe.” If you have any questions, please email or call us at 212-998-4600. Have a happy and healthy winter recess.