Date: January 15, 2021

To: The NYU Community

From: Dr. Carlo Ciotoli, Exec. Lead, NYU COVID-19 Prevention & Response Team

Against the backdrop of rising infection rates in New York and the emergence of a more contagious variant of COVID-19, we are making some changes to the intertwined testing, Daily Screener, and building access procedures. The changes involve some modest tightening of the procedures we put in place for the fall, but some additional flexibility, too, for those who are not on campus regularly.

Changes to The Daily Screener

In our multi-layered approach to combating the spread of COVID, the Daily Screener is central to gaining access to NYU academic and administrative buildings. As you know, you must complete it each day you intend to enter any non-residential NYU building.

Starting in the spring 2021 semester, we will make a number of changes around the Daily Screener.

Access to the Daily Screener

Access to the Daily Screener, which in turn grants access to NYU buildings, will only be provided to those who:

  • Are authorized to be on campus (meaning that they are an enrolled student or an employee who has been designated through their school’s or unit’s return plan to be on campus (rather than teleworking))
  • Have completed a COVID-19 Binx or NYU Bioreference test in line with their expected schedule (see below)

Failures to Complete the Daily Screener before Swiping in

Everyone must complete the Screener each day they intend to enter NYU facilities; they should complete it before they leave for campus. Attempting to swipe into an NYU building without having completed the Daily Screener will result, upon the second incident, in your NYU Card being disabled, preventing you from entering NYU buildings until the card is reset.

Modifications to the Daily Screener

  • To make things a little easier and less annoying, we will be eliminating the step that requires you to answer a question about the last time you completed the Screener.
  • In addition, we will show your latest testing and building access details, including your last test taken date, last test result received date, last Screener date, and more, once you log into the Daily Screener.

Changes Related to COVID-19 Testing

Cadence of Testing for Those Who Regularly Access NYU Buildings

  • Students in University housing will continue to be tested every week, as they did in the Fall semester, and should follow the instructions provided by NYU Residential Life and Housing Services.
  • All current faculty, administrators and staff who are authorized to be on campus and students living off-campus must obtain a Binx or NYU Bioreference test result every 14 days, at minimum
    • However, instead of the reminders about which alternating week you are assigned to, each time employees/non-residential students receive a test result, the Daily Screener will display that date and prevent you from taking the screener if your next test result is not received within 14 days. Additionally, you will receive email reminders as the end of your following 14-day testing period approaches.

Irregular Campus Access

One lesson that emerged from the fall, however, was that the testing schedule we established did not work as well for those who were irregularly coming to campus. For that group for spring 2021, we are putting in place a new rule: you must be tested in the 14-day period prior to the date you expect to access campus buildings.

First Time Access to Campus

Students and employees needing to access NYU buildings for the first time since September 2020 will need a Binx or NYU Bioreference test and the result within the 14 days prior to your return to campus.

No Testing? No Screener

To be able to use the Daily Screener — and thus gain access to NYU’s buildings — you must keep up with your required testing. If you go more than seven days (for those in student housing) or 14 days (for all others) without a Binx or NYU Bioreference test result, you will not be able to complete the Daily Screener, and, thus, you will not be able to enter NYU buildings.


By and large, the members of the NYU community did an exemplary job last semester of following the best practices we have for combating the spread of COVID-19. And, by and large, the practices will be very similar in the spring semester to the fall semester — don’t come to campus if your presence isn’t authorized; get tested regularly (as directed); and use the screener every day you will be entering NYU buildings. But the modest changes we have made to tighten things up just a bit more will greatly benefit the health of our community until vaccinations are widespread.

Thank you.