To: Non-compliant Students in Housing
Date: January 21, 2022
From: NYU Residential Life and Housing Services

We are writing to you because you have missed the deadline for uploading proof that you received a COVID-19 booster in line with NYU’s requirement.
Your non-compliance with the University’s booster requirement must be resolved right away.

If you have already gotten your booster shot and simply haven’t uploaded proof of it, please upload your documentation immediately. If you haven’t gotten your booster shot, please schedule an appointment to receive one as soon as possible (either through NYU or through whatever provider you choose) and upload proof of your booster vaccination immediately afterwards.

The University considers getting a booster a vital public health measure, particularly for students in a residential setting. The consequences are serious. You will not be permitted to remain in NYU housing if your COVID-19 vaccination status is not up-to-date. You will not be allowed to access NYU buildings, including buildings where your classes are being held, without addressing this. Ultimately, those who do not upload proof of their booster shot will be de-enrolled and lose their housing.

Please act immediately.
Rafael Rodriguez
Associate Vice President & Dean of Students

Neil Hanrahan
Executive Director
Housing Services

Kate Baier
Executive Director
Residential Life

Please note
: Due to post-deadline lags in verifying uploads, you may not have access to NYU buildings or your in-person classes for several days after you upload proof of your booster vaccination.

If you believe you received this communication in error, please email with details. If you believe you have aleady uploaded your proof and want to check your status, please wait 4-5 days after you upload and then log into the Student Health Center Portal, making your way to the page with your name, and looking for “immunizations” in the navigation column on the left. If you see the date of your booster shot in your immunization history, then you are all set.