To: Students Not Compliant with the Booster Vaccination Requirement
Date: 1/21/22

Beginning Monday Evening, You Will Be Unable to Access NYU Academic and Administrative Buildings Until You Are in Compliance with NYU’s Booster Vaccination Requirement

You are receiving this notice to advise you that beginning this Monday evening, January 24, you will no longer have access to any NYU building other than your assigned residence hall (if you live in NYU student housing). After that time, you will not be able to access a green PASS on the Daily Screener; you will not be able to enter the library, classroom buildings, or other buildings; and you will not be able to attend your in-person classes or any University-sponsored in-person activities on or off campus until you come into compliance with NYU’s booster policy.

If you are receiving this notice, you fall into one of two groups:

You haven’t uploaded any proof of your required booster vaccination

To regain access -- If you have received your booster shot but haven’t uploaded your documentation, please upload it immediately. If you haven’t received your booster shot, schedule it ASAP (either through NYU or any other provider) and upload your documentation immediately after. Be advised: There is a lag of two to three days for verifying proof that was uploaded after the deadline; to check on whether or not your submission has been accepted, follow these steps. Once your proof is accepted, you will automatically regain access to NYU buildings.

What you uploaded was insufficient to verify that you received the booster (in which case you received a notification from the Student Health Center (SHC))

To regain access, you need to provide proper documentation ASAP.

If you believe that you received this notice in error (eg: you uploaded before the deadline and did not receive notice from SHC that your upload could not be verified), please contact

To be clear, NYU does not want any of its students to be unable to gain access to academic buildings, other facilities, or in-person classes. However, the University believes the booster shot is a vital public health measure, one that is essential to the well-being of the NYU community.

We want you to be able to go to class and to enter NYU facilities. Please act promptly to comply with the booster requirement.