DATE: August 18, 2021
FROM:  Dr. Carlo Ciotoli, MD, MPA, Exec. Lead, COVID Prevention & Response Team, and Josh Taylor, Associate Vice Chancellor, Global Programs & Mobility Services

COVID-19 Safety and Health

Vaccination and Upload

A high rate of vaccination among all NYU community members is a key element of NYU safety and health protocols for the coming year. Among US-based students and full-time employees, vaccination and upload rates exceed 93%.

Among international students, the rate is lower: approximately 72% have uploaded their proof of vaccination. Many international students who have not yet met NYU’s vaccination requirement have told us that they do not have access to vaccines.

We understand. However, it is important for you to take steps now. Briefly:

  • If you can be vaccinated with an FDA-authorized or WHO-listed vaccine prior to your arrival, please do so as soon as possible and upload proof right after you receive your first dose of vaccine. You do not need to wait until you’ve received your second dose to upload (but you will have to go back after your second dose to complete your upload).
  • If you cannot be vaccinated with an FDA-approved or WHO-listed vaccine prior to arrival, it is essential that you get vaccinated immediately upon arrival; please schedule your vaccination appointment now.  Here are resources to help you find the most convenient appointment:

Read more information concerning international students who are not yet in compliance with NYU’s vaccination and upload requirement.

You must receive at least the first dose of a vaccine and be tested in order to be in “partial compliance” with NYU’s requirement. Until you are at least in partial compliance, you will not be able to enter NYU buildings, attend in-person classes or events, or participate in activities. Ultimately, failure to comply with the University’s vaccination requirement could result in de-enrollment.


All students who are not fully vaccinated and spend 24 hours or more in a country with a CDC Level 4 Travel notice in the 10 days immediately prior to arriving at NYU will be required to quarantine. You may not leave quarantine except for testing, vaccination, and other essential medical appointments.

  • If you get a negative PCR test 3-5 days after you travel, you may end your quarantine on Day 7.
  • If you do not get tested 3-5 days after travel, you must quarantine for 10 days.
  • Note: the day you arrive is Day 0.

Complying with Our Health and Safety Rules

In addition to the vaccination requirement, for Fall 2021 NYU will have health and safety rules in place regarding mask-wearing, guidelines for events and meetings, guidelines for external visitors, and other issues.

It is the responsibility of every student to be familiar with the health and safety rules we have in place this year and to follow them conscientiously.

Travel and Mobility Issues

If you are encountering difficulties in traveling to your intended NYU study destination, it is important that you let us know immediately.

Please contact your school’s academic advising office to discuss what steps should be taken to ensure your continued progress towards your degree. And if you require assistance with any visa- or immigration-related issue, please contact NYU’s Office of Global Services.