Date: June 3, 2021
To: All International Students and Those Students Currently Outside of the US
From: Dr. Carlo Ciotoli, Exec. Lead, COVID-19 Prevention & Response Team
Josh Taylor, Assoc. Vice Chancellor for Global Programs and Mobility Services

We recently communicated to all NYU students about the deadline to submit proof of vaccination, and additional guidance and requirements for returning to NYU's New York campus and all of our Study Away sites in the Fall. Below is additional guidance that is specific for students who may be currently outside of the United States, including international students and US students residing outside the US.

Special Instructions for Students Outside of the US Regarding Vaccination and Submitting Proof of Vaccination

If You Are Able to Get Access to an FDA-authorized or WHO-listed vaccine

Students who are able to obtain FDA-authorized or WHO-listed vaccines in a country other than the United States are expected to get vaccinated and submit their proof of vaccination before their arrival at NYU.

If you can be vaccinated with an FDA-authorized or WHO-listed vaccine but will not receive the final dose and be able to upload your proof by July 19, upload your proof as soon as you can.

All international immunization documents must be translated into English prior to submission.

If You Cannot Access FDA-authorized or WHO-listed Vaccines

We recognize that some students traveling from outside of the United States to NYU’s New York City campus, NYU DC, and NYU LA may have difficulty or even be altogether unable to get access to FDA-authorized or WHO-listed vaccines. Please be assured that we will work with you to help you fulfill NYU’s COVID-19 vaccine requirement for students after your arrival.

If you have access to non-FDA authorized or WHO-listed vaccines

We recommend all students immediately seek out and receive COVID-19 vaccines that are government-authorized in your country for the potential benefit of protection against COVID-19. You will also be required to get revaccinated with an FDA-authorized or WHO-listed vaccine after you arrive at NYU. Please note: you must wait at least 28 days after receiving the final dose of a non-FDA-authorized or a non-WHO-listed COVID-19 vaccine before you receive the first dose of an FDA-authorized or WHO-listed COVID-19 vaccine, so please plan accordingly relative to your arrival at NYU. If arranging this 28-day interval isn’t possible, please follow these instructions to let us know of your status.

If you are in a location or situation where you cannot access any vaccine

If you are moving into an NYU residence hall in the United States, you will be expected to get your first dose within 24 hours of your move-in. If you live off-campus, you should get your first dose upon arrival. We will have some on-campus vaccine availability in New York, but there are many vaccination sites across New York, and students in this situation should plan to get the first available appointment wherever they can.

Special Instructions for International Students Outside of the US Regarding Quarantine And Testing Requirements

Quarantine Requirements

Students who are not fully vaccinated and spend 24 hours or more in a country with a CDC Level 4 Travel notice in the past 10 days immediately prior to arrival to NYU’s New York campus, NYU DC, or NYU LA will be required to:

  • Receive the first vaccine dose, and
  • Get tested with a PCR test 3-5 days after travel, and
  • Quarantine for 10 days after travel if you don’t get tested on day 3-5 after arrival
    - OR -
    Stay home and self-quarantine for a full 7 days after travel (except for testing, vaccination, and other essential medical appointments)

Please note: For residential students requiring quarantine, you are required to move in on August 18th or 19th.

Testing Requirements

Until you meet criteria for being fully vaccinated (2 weeks after completing all doses of an FDA-authorized or WHO-listed vaccine), you can expect to get regularly tested for COVID-19 through NYU’s on-campus testing program.

Students Studying at an NYU Study Away Site Outside the US

For students studying at sites other than New York, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C., we will do everything possible to help you secure a vaccine upon your arrival, but given local vaccine supply constraints and regulations, this simply may not be possible everywhere. We will be writing to you again over the summer with additional site-specific information.