TO: NYU U.S.-based Faculty and Employees

FROM: AMC Chairperson Michael McCaw

DATE: August 31, 2020

Dear Colleagues,

COVID-19 is having a profound effect on the NYU community in ways that have posed personal challenges on multiple fronts. In response to these challenges, NYU’s Administrative Management Council (AMC) approached senior leadership with a desire to launch a relief fund — by University faculty and employees, for University faculty and employees — to support those who are facing extraordinary hardships. As we all navigate the pandemic, the AMC looked to our NYU “violet pride” as a way to bring the community together to support each other. In response, the University committed to provide seed funding for this modest, one-time grant initiative on a faculty and employee match basis; for each dollar contributed, the University will match it based on the original seed funding amount.

How to Apply or Contribute to the Fund

To access aid, full-time, U.S.-based faculty, administrator, and union staff employees are invited to submit an application for financial assistance, which will be carefully and confidentially reviewed by a committee comprised of faculty, administrators, and staff from across the University. Fund recipients will not be taxed on distributions.

Faculty and employees who wish to contribute to the fund may do so through convenient payroll deductions. The University will match up to $75,000 of contributions in support of the fund. All gifts to the fund are voluntary, and your decision to participate will have no effect on your job status. All donations are considered tax deductible.

For Additional Information and Questions

For questions regarding applying or giving to the NYU Emergency Relief Fund for Faculty and Employees, please contact or 212-998-2434.

Thank You for Your Support

My NYU journey started as an undergraduate student in September 2001. I vividly recall how my sense of community and certainty was challenged just eleven days into that fall semester. It was my first exposure to the NYU community spirit — how we all came together to move forward thoughtfully. Although the times have changed, this spirit remains necessary to ensure our faculty and employees can overcome these challenges together.

Michael McCaw
Chairperson, Administrative Management Council