Date: Wednesday, March 11, 2020
To: NYU Students at NYU Berlin, Madrid, Paris, and Prague and their Parents and Guardians 

Dear Students at NYU Berlin, Madrid, Paris, and Prague and their Parents and Guardians,

In televised remarks Wednesday evening, President Trump indicated that there would be a ban on travel from continental Europe (but not the UK). We know this news must be a source of concern for you.

The White House has since clarified that United States government's actions will, in fact, be less sweeping than the President's speech indicated. Specifically, the newly announced travel restrictions will not apply to US citizens or permanent residents.

Nevertheless, these developments are emblematic of the swift-moving nature of governments' responses to COVID-19. Accordingly, we would like to move calmly -- but quickly -- in helping students depart our continental European Study Away sites. In order to provide you with the time to make your plans, classes in Berlin, Madrid, Paris, and Prague are canceled Thursday, March 12 and Friday, March 13.

We know that many of you have already made your own travel arrangements, but as we wrote to you on Tuesday, the University stands prepared to assist you if needed. If you require financial assistance, but are able to book your own ticket, please do so, and we will reimburse you for the amount of a typical coach class ticket for your flight home.

In order to assist in this process, beginning at 8am local time, staff from each of our sites will be present at all of our residence halls to help students prepare for their departures, providing direction for packing up, and, if needed, in booking travel arrangements. At 9am local time, staff will also be available at all of our Academic Centers to assist students with travel arrangements, and to address any other pre-departure questions that they may have.

While Wednesday evening’s announcement was obviously focused on those flying to the US, it is very possible that similar bans will continue to be introduced elsewhere. This is why we are strongly encouraging you to return home, regardless of your country of residency. However, should you choose to remain, we will continue to allow you to stay in University-provided housing for the duration of the semester (as long as we are permitted to do so under local laws and regulations).

For parents and guardians: If you have time-sensitive questions regarding your child’s departure, you may contact either Tyra Liebmann, Associate Vice President, Global Programs ( or Christopher Nicolussi, Senior Director, Student Services and Support (, both of whom are based in New York and will be available beginning Thursday morning. If your questions are not time-sensitive, you will receive a response within the next few days, and we appreciate your patience as we all work through this unprecedented situation.

Our foremost objective is the students' well-being. We appreciate your cooperation, calm, and steadfastness in the face of these rapidly changing circumstances.

Jack Briggs
Vice President, Global Resiliency and Security
New York University

Josh Taylor
Associate Vice Chancellor, Global Programs & Mobility Services
New York University