Date: January 15, 2022
To: NYU Students
From: Student Health Center

Dear Student,

With only a few days to go until NYU’s deadline to get the required COVID-19 booster vaccination and upload proof, our records reflect that you have not yet complied.

If you have already received the booster shot, please upload proof of the vaccination right away. It’s fast and easy.

If you haven’t yet received a booster, schedule a shot ASAP. You can upload proof as soon as you’ve received the shot (those who are as yet ineligible because of the date of their original vaccination should, of course, wait until they are eligible to receive their booster shot; once eligible, they have seven days in which to get their booster and upload proof).


Failure to comply with NYU’s COVID-19 booster requirement will result in being prevented from entering NYU buildings and other significant consequences, up to and including de-enrollment. Consequences of de-enrollment include: being dropped from and unable to attend classes; if you live on campus, being required to vacate your residence hall; and having your identification card deactivated. De-enrollment may also carry financial consequences in accordance with NYU’s Refund Schedule.

Guidance for International Students

Review the guidance specifically for international students who do not have access to COVID-19 vaccines prior to arriving on campus.

We don’t want any students to face these consequences. Please act right away.

- The Student Health Center