TO: NYU Faculty

FROM: Stacie Bloom, Vice Provost of Research

DATE: June 9, 2020

Dear colleagues,

Today, the State of New York issued updated guidance that enables higher education research laboratories to reopen, provided they follow State-outlined safety guidelines. This approval was granted ahead of schedule, and details have been added to the Phase One section of the New York Forward website. Click here to read the full guidance.

While we are still studying these guidelines, they are in line with the practices and protocols we are already instituting as part of the phased reopening of our essential health and defense laboratories that began on Monday, June 8. In light of this development, we will likely be able to ramp up our research activities more quickly than anticipated, though we still need to approach this process gradually to ensure buildings, laboratories, and staff are properly prepared in terms of screening, PPE, social distancing practices, and signage. Safety remains our number one priority.

Over the coming week, I will discuss the matter with deans and department heads. As soon as we have an updated plan, we will incorporate it into the Research Reconstitution Plan and communicate it to the NYU research community.

Stacie Bloom
Vice Provost of Research