Updated: July 16

NYU student residence halls will reopen for fall 2020.  However, to reduce density, fewer students will be assigned to each residence hall floor.  NYU is working to secure appropriate, off-campus housing to be able to provide additional rooms so that we can meet our to provide housing to first-year students who have submitted a housing application and reservation payment, as well as to current returning undergraduate students who have successfully completed Phase 1 of the housing reapplication process.

Physical Distancing

Physical barriers will be positioned to maintain social distancing at the residence hall resource centers. Clear markings will mark queue spacing that allow social distancing. Shared office spaces and resource center work areas will be re-configured to conform to social distancing guidelines


Staff handling mail and package processing will be provided appropriate PPE. Physical contact for package distribution will be reduced by introducing ID ‘tap’ devices to replace existing ‘swipe’ devices. For packages logged out via iPad, a photo of the resident’s ID will replace e-signature.


The guest policy will be suspended for all residential students. Tap access will be restricted to residents of the hall, prohibiting non-NYU guests, non-residential students, and residents from other buildings from entering the residence hall.  


Hall programs, team meetings, and individual student meetings will be planned in compliance with University guidelines

Common-Area Seating/Kitchens/Gyms

Restrictions on the use of residence hall lounges and courtyard seating will adhere to University guidelines for student gatherings and residence hall occupancy. When necessary, furniture and other seating will be moved or disabled to maintain social distancing. Common kitchens will be locked and available only by reservation. Students will not be permitted to share utensils, dishware, or other appliances in common kitchens. Residence hall gym facilities will be locked.

Computer Terminals

Access or restriction to small computer clusters will be established consistent to University practice or policies regarding use of lounges. Terminals will be moved or disabled to maintain social distancing, as needed.

Fire Alarms

Students will be required to wear a facial covering when exiting the residence hall during fire alarms and other evacuation. Staff will establish social distancing protocols when waiting during a building evacuation or queuing to re-enter the building following an evacuation.