Updated: January 22


NYU is committed to providing you with the excellent education you expect.  This year, to achieve more physical distancing in classroom settings (6 ft (2 m) between students; 10 ft (3 m) between the wall and first chair; this allows a ~3 ft (~1 m) teaching zone and then 6 ft (2 m) between faculty and student) and less density, we are reducing the number of people permitted in classrooms.  Look for signage indicating current maximums.

Example classroom density prior to COVID-19

Example of classroom density prior to COVID-19

Example of classroom density during COVID-19

Example of classroom density during COVID-19

Example of reduced auditorium-style seating density

Example of reduced auditorium-style seating density

Classes will take three forms (or modalities) this year: in-person, online, and blended (a mix of the two).  Albert, the course registration system, will have fully updated course descriptions on July 13.  You can work with your academic advisor to get the mix of courses you want and to reconcile any scheduling conflicts caused by reconfiguring courses.

Types of Classes

To align with our safety plans, classes will take three forms (or “modalities”) in 2020-2021 (and they will be designated as follows in NYU’s course registration system, Albert):

  • In-person classes: The instruction is in-person, though students unable to get to campus or the classroom may attend remotely
  • Online classes: All of the instruction is remote, whether the course meets at a designated time (synchronous), is self-paced (asynchronous), or a combination of both. Though wholly online, these courses will retain their usual enrollment size and students will have opportunities for regular engagement with the professor
  • Blended classes: A varying mix of in-person and online instruction (please consult Albert for additional, specific course details)

Regardless of modality, every class will make remote attendance possible for the entire semester for students who are studying remotely this fall (such as those confronting travel restrictions or quarantines).

Classroom Seating Assignments Tool

Disclaimer: Students of NYU Abu Dhabi, NYU School of Law, and NYU College of Dentistry should follow the specific directions shared by their school leadership.

NYU is helping to keep the community safe by designing classrooms to accommodate physical distancing. If you are enrolled in an in-person or blended course for the  spring 2021 semester and will attend in-person, you will be asked at the start of the first in-person class to find a seat that you will use for the duration of the semester. Before you leave the class, remember to use the Classroom Seating Assignments tool in NYU Classes, or in select cases NYU LMS (Brightspace), to record your seat preference, which will be visible to you and your instructor. Please note that instructors may need to reassign seats to accommodate those with disabilities. Your cooperation and support is much appreciated.

If you require disability accommodations, please contact your instructor prior to the first day of in-person class. For additional support, check out the Moses Center for Student Accessibility for information on equal educational opportunity and participation for students of all abilities.

Click here for detailed student instructions

For more information and step-by-step instructions please visit the Classroom Seating Assignments webpage.