Dear Colleagues,

The faculty are the heart of this university.  Your centrality to the success of NYU's academic mission has never been more conspicuous than in these past months.  You've carried on teaching and research in unprecedented, challenging, and rapidly changing circumstances.  I really respect and appreciate all you've done.

Your health and that of your families is very much on my mind as we look ahead to the fall.  The coming year's scholarly and educational efforts will take place in the framework of new safety and health protocols to prevent the spread of  COVID-19.

Students enroll at NYU to learn from you. Regardless of your classes' mode of instruction – in-person, hybrid, or remote – I know you will do your utmost to fulfill our responsibility to our students: to engage and challenge them, to assess their work thoughtfully, and to support their intellectual growth and academic progress.  I am very grateful.

I wish you every success in your scholarship and teaching in the coming year.


Katherine Fleming