The COVID-19 pandemic has meant that NYU has had to ask our faculty to operate in ways they’ve never done before. We’re keenly aware that your efforts take place against a backdrop of hardships and concerns for yourself and your families. Your work is at the heart of our mission of educating students and generating new scholarship, and we are grateful for your dedication. Below is information that we hope will inform you and help you make the best of a challenging situation.

Latest Faculty Message

Message from Provost Fleming

A Message to Faculty from the Provost

The heart of this university is its faculty, and never has your centrality to the success of NYU's academic mission been more conspicuous than in these past few months.  You have ably carried on teaching and research in unprecedented, challenging, and rapidly changing circumstances.  I really respect and appreciate all you have done...

Safety and Health

Learn more about our multilayered public health strategy to reduce the risks to our community posed by COVID-19.

Protective Equipment

All the members of our NYU community are required to wear face coverings that cover your nose and mouth when on NYU property or in NYU facilities, and you are strongly encouraged to wear them at all times when outside of your home. The University is procuring a substantial supply of masks, but encourages all students, faculty, researchers, and employees to have and use your own face coverings or masks.

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Hand Hygiene

Washing your hands – or using an appropriate alcohol hand sanitizer – is a simple, safe, and effective tool against the spread of the coronavirus.  For fall 2020, NYU will be adding hand sanitizing stations around campus. Faculty should wash or sanitize their hands regularly.

Physical Distancing

It is important to maintain a distance of 6 ft (2 m) from others.  NYU is reconfiguring classrooms, labs, hallways, and building entrances and exits to help support physical distancing.  Classrooms are being configured so that there is a distance of 10 ft (3 m) between students and the faculty member.

Feeling Sick?

If you feel sick, don't go to your office, don't go to your classroom (if you are teaching in-person or blended classes) and don't conduct in-person classes, office hours, or other activities.  Let your department chair or dean's office know you are taking a sick day. Notify the COVID-19 Prevention & Response Team. If you are well enough, notify students and conduct any scheduled class remotely; if you are not, follow your school's or department's procedures.  Reach out to your healthcare provider.

Daily COVID-19 Screener

Members of the NYU community will be required to regularly complete a brief questionnaire, called the Daily COVID-19 Screener for Campus Access, via NYU’s smartphone app or an accessible computer to be authorized to enter NYU facilities.

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COVID-19 Testing

NYU's testing plan, which is being finalized, will include elements for testing before returning to campus, once on campus, for those exhibiting symptoms or who have been in contact with a confirmed case, and ongoing testing for general coronavirus surveillance purposes.

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Contact Tracing

The NYU COVID-19 Prevention & Response Team will identify and isolate members of the NYU community with confirmed cases of COVID-19 and find and quarantine their NYU close contacts.

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Enhanced Building Cleaning

With the return to campus, the University will be implementing enhanced cleaning with special attention to "high touch" surfaces – door hardware, elevator panels, banisters, etc.

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Academics and Advising

Classrooms and Classes

In fall 2020, classrooms will be configured differently to meet physical distancing guidelines.

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Student Advising

Students and faculty are encouraged to meet in-person in one-on-one meetings, as long as 6 ft physical distancing is maintained and masks are worn. If these public health measures cannot be followed, the University encourages virtual meetings.

Research and Labs

A comprehensive research reconstitution plan has been thoughtfully developed and began rolling out in early June 2020.

Offices and Meetings


Some people hate 'em; it's said some people like 'em.  Either way, collaboration is an important part of life in higher learning.  In the age of COVID-19, the practice of crowding into conference rooms needs to change.

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Faculty Offices

Over the summer, most NYU buildings remain closed, and faculty, administrators, and staff are expected to work remotely.

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Campus Life, Events, and Transportation

A number of new protocols and practices have been put into place to keep our facilities, spaces, events, and travel as safe as can be.

We recognize that COVID-19's effects have been disparate, and its impacts on poor communities and communities of color have been especially painful. In our response to the coronavius, NYU is committed to mitigating those impacts as well as ensuring no one in our community is ostracized, bullied, or mistreated due to ignorance around this disease. If any member of our community believes they have experienced harassment or discrimination, we encourage them to report concerns to the Bias Response Line.