Updated: October 26

About Violet Go

If you’re an NYU student, faculty member, or employee, you are required to show a Violet Go pass each time you plan to enter an NYU academic or administrative building or attend an NYU-sponsored activity. For the vast majority of our community, you only need to log in once, add the pass to your phone’s wallet, and then you can pull it up each day without the hassle of logging in (as long as you remain compliant with NYU’s vaccination policy).

Employees with a yellow limited access pass and anyone unable to use the phone wallet pass can continue to log in daily using the Violet Go web and email pass.

Violet Go is most easily completed on a smartphone through the NYU Mobile app (iOS and Android). If you cannot use NYU Mobile, you can complete Violet Go in a web browser.

Successfully completing Violet Go will generate a pass that you will show to the Campus Safety Officer (or other NYU representative) at the building or NYU-sponsored activity entrance each time you enter.

Note: Visitors, vendors, and affiliates are no longer required to show a Violet Go pass, but they must adhere to NYU’s COVID-19 safety protocols to enter NYU buildings or participate in University-sponsored activities. Visit the Visitors, Vendors, and Affiliates page for details.

Detailed Instructions

  • We recommend that you complete Violet Go before you leave home.

Using the NYU Mobile App

  1. Open the NYU Mobile App on your device.
  2. Tap the button for "Violet Go."
  3. Enter the requested login information.
  4. NYU students, faculty, and employees will not see any questions.
NYU Mobile Homescreen

Select "Violet Go"

NYU Daily COVID-19 Access Screener

Answer any questions presented (if applicable).

Receiving Confirmation to Proceed   

  1. If you meet all requirements you will successfully complete Violet Go and receive a date-stamped violet or yellow (limited access) pass for today's date.
    1. Students, faculty, and employees compliant with NYU's COVID-19 vaccination requirements will also see an "add to wallet" button to save the pass to their iOS or Android phone and prevent the need to log into Violet Go each day.
  2. Soon after, you will also receive a matching email with the same date as the confirmation screen.
  3. Campus Safety Officers will ask to see your valid Violet Go pass, on your phone's screen, tablet, laptop, or in printed form, along with an NYU ID.
  4. Do not proceed to an NYU building or an NYU-sponsored activity, on or off-campus, if you do not receive either the violet or yellow (limited access) pass.
Violet pass

Violet confirmation pass

Yellow pass

Yellow limited access pass


Entering an NYU building or NYU-sponsored activity without having first successfully completed Violet Go could result in your NYU ID card being deactivated, barring you from entry into NYU buildings or future NYU-sponsored activities.

Need Help?

Here are tips for common Violet Go scenarios where you might need help.  If these tips are not helpful please reach out for support - we are here to help: