Updated: February 1

PLEASE NOTE: Effective Wednesday, September 28, NYU will be lifting many existing COVID-19 protocols regarding masking, eating and drinking, testing, and performing arts practices. This page will be updated to reflect these changes. Please see the September 23rd announcement for the most current information.  

About the NYU Vax Pass

The day-to-day key for accessing NYU facilities, academic activities, and events is the Daily Screener “Green Pass.” The Daily Screener login process registers if a user has complied with NYU’s vaccination requirements, and only produces a green pass for those who are compliant.

Those with valid exemptions are also deemed compliant, and thus can access the green pass.

However, there will be a small number of situations in which access must be limited to those with up-to-date vaccinations due to the public health risks involved.  For those circumstances, we have created another access tool available through NYU Mobile: the NYU Vax Pass.

When you log in, the Vax Pass will automatically recognize if you are up to date with your vaccinations, and if you are, it will furnish you with the proper Vax Pass screen that you can display for entry to NYU events or facilities limited to the fully-vaccinated.  Additional details and instructions can be found below.

IMPORTANT: No one is permitted to designate an University-sponsored activity or setting, on or off-campus as limited to vaccinated-only individuals without receiving written approval from NYU’s COVID-19 Prevention & Response Team (CPRT); only the CPRT can designate an event as being limited to vaccinated-only members of the NYU community rather than members of the community who are compliant with University vaccination rules.  If you think there is an essential justification for a vaccinated-only designation, complete the exception request form.

Detailed Instructions

Using the NYU Mobile app

  1. Open the NYU Mobile App on your device.
  2. Tap the button for "Vax Pass."
  3. Enter the requested login information.
NYU Mobile home screen

Tap "Vax Pass" on your NYU Mobile home screen

Vax Pass intro text

Login after reviewing the introductory information

Receiving Authorization

After logging in, if you meet all of the criteria, you will receive a date-stamped email with a violet “VAX PASS.”

  • If you intend to participate in an NYU-sponsored vaccinated-only activity that has been designated by the COVID-19 Prevention & Response Team, please follow any specific instructions provided to you by the sponsor/organizer citing when and how you will be expected to present the Vax Pass.
    • In many instances, you will be expected to present your violet pass upon arrival; please complete the Vax Pass before departing for the event to prevent delay in entering the event.
    • In other instances, you may be required to submit your violet Vax Pass in advance of the engagement.
  • If you intend to enter an NYU vaccinated-only setting, such as a gym, that has been designated by the COVID-19 Prevention & Response Team, please complete the Vax Pass before leaving home in order to prevent delay in entering the setting.
Violet Vax Pass screen

Violet "VAX PASS"


Accommodations for vaccinated-only events may be requested by contacting the Moses Center for Student Accessibility (with respect to students) and the Office of Equal Opportunity (with respect to other members of the NYU community).