Updated: September 23

Travel Policy

Only travelers who are fully compliant with the University’s vaccination requirement are eligible for reimbursement under the NYU Travel and Expense Policy. Note: It is no longer necessary to include a copy of the traveler’s NYU Vax Pass with reimbursement requests.

Any travel expenditures are governed by the NYU Travel and Expense Policy;  community members with any finance-related concerns should contact their Fiscal Officer. When practical, we also recommend purchasing refundable itineraries, given the potential for local conditions to shift rapidly and dramatically.

Please remember that due to increased safety and security concerns, some countries now require pre-approval from the University’s insurance/travel safety provider. That list is posted here, and is updated frequently, so please be sure to consult it prior to any travel. If you are seeking to travel to a country on the list, please complete this form to begin the process, and a member of the University’s travel safety team will be in touch within two business days. Please note that approval from our insurance provider can take 30-45 days. If you have any questions, please email travelsafety@nyu.edu.

All travel booked through NYU’s preferred travel service, Egencia, will be automatically registered in NYU Traveler, the University’s travel safety tool.

International Travel to NYU Global Campuses and Academic Centers

Student travel for semester-long study away programs is permitted; all other trips to NYU campuses and centers will be permitted only if the traveler has received written permission from leadership at their intended destination to make the trip.