PLEASE NOTE: Effective Wednesday, September 28, NYU will be lifting many existing COVID-19 protocols regarding masking, eating and drinking, testing, and performing arts practices. This page will be updated to reflect these changes. Please see the September 23rd announcement for the most current information.  

Eating, break time, and camaraderie used to all go hand in hand; in the face of the pandemic, however, we must follow practices that keep each other safe. That includes how we eat.

NYU guidance about eating applies to all NYU buildings and facilities, and all University-sponsored events, even when they take place off campus.

Where Eating is Allowed

Eating and drinking is permitted in settings and events where in-person attendance is optional. This includes student club meetings, events, and other gatherings where in-person participation is not required, and discretionary spaces, such as lounges and common areas.

  • You must have a Daily Screener GREEN PASS to eat indoors.
  • Employees with Daily Screener YELLOW PASS are not permitted to eat anywhere indoors on-campus or at any University-sponsored events.

Where Eating is Not Allowed

Eating is not permitted in settings and events where in-person attendance is required. This includes:

  • Classrooms or other instructional spaces
  • Designated study spaces
  • Meetings, huddles, or events in which in-person participation is obligatory
  • Workplaces (except when following workplace eating guidelines)

In these settings, you are permitted to lower your mask for a brief moment to sip water or another beverage while you are outside of designated eating areas.

Guidance for Eating in the Workplace

Employees who are compliant with NYU’s vaccination requirement may eat in single occupancy offices, designated eating areas, or at their desks if they have consent from the other employees that share the space. If you are eating in a designated eating area or at your desk, you should spend the minimum amount of time necessary to eat your snack or meal (approximately 15 minutes) to minimize the amount of time that people are in indoor obligatory spaces together without masks.

Employees who are not compliant with NYU’s vaccination requirement may not eat indoors.

Managers should identify designated eating areas within their workplace for employees who cannot eat at their desks or prefer to eat in spaces where there is physical distance. These can include break rooms, conference rooms, and other larger spaces.

On-Campus Eating Locations for Students

In addition to optional events and settings, below are Quick Stop locations on campus where indoor eating is permitted for students for the spring semester. These Quick Stop indoor eating locations must:

  • Only be used for eating,
  • Have a 15 minute time limit (when you’re done eating, please leave the space so others may use it),
  • Use only available seats, and
  • Furniture must remain in place; do not move chairs or tables.
Location Building Address Floor and Room Number
Brooklyn 2 MetroTech Center 8th Floor, Room 800-2 and 800CA-2
Brooklyn 370 Jay Street 2nd Floor, Room 205
Brooklyn 5 MetroTech Center Lower Level, LC102
Brooklyn 6 MetroTech Center 2nd Floor, Room 209
Downtown 15 Barclay Street 3rd Floor, Room 335A
2nd Floor, Room 206
Midtown SPS Midtown Center
11 W 42nd Street
10th Floor, Rooms 1026 and 1039
5th Floor, Room 505
Washington Square GCASL
238 Thompson Street
2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Floor Open Lounges
Washington Square Kimmel
60 Washington Sq. South
2nd Floor, East Lounge
8th Floor Lounge (NOT the CMEP lounge)
9th Floor Lounge
Washington Square Silver Center
100 Washington Sq. East
1st Floor, Heights Lounge
Washington Square 708 Broadway 1st Floor Café
Washington Square 7 East 12th Street 3rd Floor, Room 327
Washington Square Tisch Hall
Gould Plaza,
40 West 4th Street
1st Floor, Kassin Center
4th Floor, Room 411-413
Washington Square KMEC, 44 West 4th Street 5th floor, Room 50
Washington Square Shimkin Hall
50 West 4th Street
1st Floor, Gardner Commons
Washington Square 721 Broadway 1st Floor, Reiss Lounge

Outdoor Open Spaces Near NYU

Find an outdoor location or public park near NYU in the list below or on this map.