Who is eligible to receive a booster shot? 

Eligibility for a booster vaccination depends on your age, the type of vaccine you received initially, and the date of your last vaccine dose. Individuals should follow CDC guidance to determine when they are eligible to receive a booster shot.

If you tested positive for COVID-19, you can receive a vaccine as soon as you meet the criteria to end isolation.

What happens if I'm not eligible for a booster before the deadline?

If you are not currently eligible to receive a booster, you will remain in compliance with NYU’s vaccination requirement until you become eligible.

Once enough time has passed since your last shot of a COVID-19 and you become eligible to receive a booster, you must get a booster and upload proof within seven days.  Remember: you do not have to wait to make the appointment – do it ahead of time so that you are ready to go as soon as you are eligible.

For a booster shot, do I have to get the same vaccine that I originally received?

Not necessarily.

NYU’s vaccination policy requires that you receive FDA-authorized or WHO-listed vaccines, but you may be eligible to receive a different vaccine for your booster dose than what you originally received for your primary vaccination.

Can I definitely get my booster shot through NYU if I want it?

No. The availability of appointments for booster shots is based on the availability of vaccine stock.

If NYU doesn't have sufficient availability of appointments, do not hesitate to use the NYC or NY State vaccine finders to identify other places to get a booster.

Which booster is NYU administering at the Student Health Center?

NYU is distributing the Pfizer vaccine and booster shot.

I already received a vaccination exemption due to medical or religious reasons. Do I need to request another exemption from the booster shot?

No. If you already have an approved exemption from the vaccination requirement, you are exempt from the booster shot requirement too.

What does “primary vaccination series” mean?

Completing your “primary vaccination series” means receiving  both doses of a two-dose vaccine or one dose of a single-dose vaccine.