All NYU students, faculty, and employees who are fully vaccinated are required to provide proof of their COVID-19 vaccination through the Student Health Center's Portal after receiving their final dose.

Once you are eligible and receive your booster shot, you are required to update your vaccination record with your booster dose. Those vaccinated by NYU on campus do not need to upload their record.

Below you will find detailed instructions on how to upload your vaccination record.  You may use any internet-enabled computer or mobile device to do so.  Please follow the instructions carefully.

Affiliates, vendors, and visitors approved to be on campus should review the Campus Visitors pages for upload instructions.

Jump to instructions:

  1. Log in to the SHC Portal
  2. Select Medical Clearances
  3. Find the row for COVID-19 Vaccine
  4. Upload a photo or scanned copy of your vaccine card
  5. Manually enter the dates and type of vaccine you received
  6. You're done!
    Check the status of your primary or booster vaccine upload
Stick it to COVID

Updated: September 22

PLEASE NOTE: Effective Wednesday, September 28, NYU will be lifting many existing COVID-19 protocols regarding masking, eating and drinking, testing, and performing arts practices. This page will be updated to reflect these changes. Please see the September 23rd announcement for the most current information.  

1. Log into the SHC Portal

Go to the SHC Portal at

Log in using your NYU Home Net ID and password.

On the next screen, enter your eight-digit University ID number (N number). This can be found on the back of your NYU Card.

Upon successful login, you will see the home screen.

Students may conduct a number of functions within the health portal.

Faculty/employees will only need to use the health portal to upload COVID-19 vaccination records or to schedule a COVID-19 vaccination or booster shot.

2. Select Medical Clearances

Depending on the size of your browser, you may need to first click the menu button in the upper-left corner of the screen.

Click or tap Medical Clearances from the menu.

Note: students will see more options in the menu than faculty and employees.

3. Find the row for COVID-19 Vaccine

Find the row for COVID-19 Vaccine.

  • Students will see several items on this screen.
  • Employees will only see COVID-19 Vaccine.

Press the Update button.

Note: All NYU students, faculty, and employees will see the header “Items Required for Clearance.”

4. Upload a photo or scanned copy of your vaccine card

Press the Upload button.

Select the image(s) of your vaccine card that you want to upload from your device. Be sure your birth date is visible, and your image(s) include all doses of the vaccine.

You can upload a photo or scanned copy of your vaccine card.

Important Notes:

  • If you have documentation on multiple different vaccine cards make sure you upload each card, or if it's on front and back, include both sides. For most, you will only upload the front of one card.
  • Excelsior Passes are not accepted. Official documentation must contain name, birthdate, dates of doses, and the vaccine manufacturer.
  • Documentation must also be provided in English.

You may edit your image to ensure legibility (i.e. rotate image, increase contrast, etc.) using the Edit Image button.  You may also remove the image by using the Cancel Upload button.

Once your image is ready, select Looks Good to upload.

5. Manually enter the dates and type of vaccine you received

Scroll the form to enter the dates and type of vaccine you received. Click Add Immunization to add a new dose.

  • If you received a single-dose vaccine (ex: Johnson & Johnson), you will enter one date.
  • If you received a two-dose vaccine (ex: Pfizer or Moderna), enter the dates you received your first and second doses.
    • Please wait until you receive both doses before completing this process.
  • If you received a booster shot, enter the date and type of booster you received.

Once completed, select Done.

6. You're done!

After you complete the process, it will take our team about five business days to review your information.

Curious about the status of your upload?

You can check the status of your primary or booster vaccine upload in the Medical Clearances section of the SHC Portal. Every upload must be reviewed by the Immunization Team which usually takes about three days (up to five). Wait three to five days before checking. If there are any questions about your submission, our team will email you directly.  Otherwise, you should assume your submission has been successful.


If you see...
Status: Not Compliant
Details: No Data did not provide your vaccine information successfully. Please go back to Step 4 and try again.

In Review

If you see...
Status: Not Compliant
Details: Awaiting Review

...this means we received your information, and will review. If there are questions, our team will email you directly.


If you see...
Status: Not Compliant
Details: Not Satisfied have not completed your primary vaccination — or you are eligible for a booster and have not received one. You must provide proof of additional vaccine dose(s) to comply with NYU’s vaccination requirement.


If you see...
Status: Compliant
Details: Satisfied

...your COVID-19 vaccine record has been successfully uploaded, reviewed, and there is no further action needed. At this time, the vaccine type and date fields will be locked on the upload screen — and you will see your vaccinations listed under Immunizations, as well. You will not receive a notification. If there is a problem with your upload, the SHC will email you with details. You will also see this designation if you have an active, approved exemption.


  • Once your record has been verified, it will take approximately 90 minutes for your status to be reflected within Violet Go.  

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