These requirements apply to all visitors, vendors, and affiliates that you are sponsoring for access to NYU settings and NYU-sponsored activities that take place off campus.

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Updated: August 2

Where This Policy Applies

The visitor, vendor, and affiliate policies and protocols outlined on this page apply to all NYU settings and University-sponsored activities. This includes:

  • Off-campus activities (e.g., events, meetings) sponsored by the University
  • On-campus activities (e.g., events, meetings) sponsored by the University
  • All NYU buildings and facilities, indoors and outdoors

Types of Visitors

Any individual who is not a current NYU student or employee, is considered a visitor, vendor, or affiliate. There are certain distinctions based on the type affiliation the individual has with the University:

  • Visitors and vendors do not have an NYU NetID (ex. prospective student, guest, or one contracted to perform a service).
  • Affiliates have an NYU NetID, but are neither an NYU employee nor an NYU student (ex: family member of an NYU employee who lives in NYU housing, long-term contractors with an NYU ID card).

Criteria for Allowable Affiliates, Visitors, and Vendors

  • Employee sponsorship is required. All University affiliates, visitors, and vendors must be sponsored by an NYU employee in order to access NYU buildings or to participate in NYU-sponsored activities, including events and meetings that occur off-campus. Students cannot sponsor a University visitor—they must coordinate any visit request through a school or department employee.
  • Advanced planning is required. Same-day requests cannot be accommodated due to the volume of individuals requesting access on a daily basis.
  • All visitors, vendors, and affiliates must comply with NYU’s COVID-19 vaccination policy and other health and safety protocols as a condition of their participation.  

Sponsorship Process and Responsibilities

Beginning Your Planning Process

  • Ensure that any NYU-sponsored activities (on- or off-campus) in which you are planning to include University visitors, vendors, and affiliates meets the criteria above.
  • Familiarize yourself with all visitor, vendor, and affiliate related policies and procedures. Failure to comply with all requirements may result in them being denied admission to NYU settings and NYU-sponsored activities that take place off campus.

At Least 1-2 Weeks Prior to Visit

  • Sponsors must submit an NYU Affiliate, Vendor and Visitor Access Request Form as early as possible.
    • Requests must be submitted at least 7 business days prior to the first day of the visit. Last minute and next day requests cannot be accommodated—sponsors should reschedule the visit instead.
    • Sponsors will receive a notification email confirming their request has been submitted.
  • Once completed, a form will be sent to the visitor, vendor, or affiliate to enter their information and upload proof of vaccination or request a religious or medical exemption.
  • Sponsors and their visitors, vendors, or affiliates will be notified via email when their vaccination submission has been reviewed and approved.
    • All visitor, vendor, and affiliate access request emails are generated from an automated system called VEOCI. If you or your sponsored person(s) have not received an email as expected, please search for “NYU Campus Safety” or ”veoci”.
    • The Extended Community Support Team does not have the capability to provide vaccination upload or approval status reports for visit requests. For requests with multiple visitors, vendors, or affiliates, sponsors should keep track of the emails to remain aware of who has been approved and who has not.

During the Visit

  • Accompany Your Visitor or Vendor While On Campus: If your activity takes place on NYU property, sponsors must greet visitors and vendors at the building or event entrance and escort them while on NYU property (affiliates with NYU ID cards do not need to be escorted). Departments and schools must:
    • Facilitate entry to any building not staffed by a Campus Safety Officer and are responsible for coordinating any necessary room or area access.
    • Ensure visitors and vendors exit the NYU property at the completion of the visit.
  • Uphold Health and Safety Protocols: Regardless of whether the visit is on or off-campus, sponsors must ensure their visitor, vendor, or affiliate complies with all requirements.  


If you are having trouble or if you are unable to successfully complete a requirement, contact the NYU Extended Community Support Team.