Affiliates, vendors, and visitors may request an exemption from the vaccination requirements for medical or religious reasons only. Those who are not fully vaccinated and boosted (if eligible and by NYU’s deadline) for reasons other than a valid medical or religious reason do not qualify for the COVID-19 vaccination exemption process.

  • Medical exemptions may be claimed only if a licensed physician, licensed nurse practitioner, or licensed midwife (caring for a pregnant affiliate, vendor, or visitor) explicitly instructed you not to receive the COVID-19 vaccination because such vaccination may be detrimental to your health or is otherwise medically contraindicated.
  • Religious exemptions may be claimed only for genuine and sincerely held religious beliefs which are contrary to the practice of immunization.

Social, political, or economic philosophies, or personal preferences with respect to immunization do not justify an exemption.

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Updated: September 12


Affiliates are those who have an NYU NetID, but are not a current NYU employee, NYU student, or an NYU alumni.   (ex: family member of an NYU employee who lives in NYU housing).

Affiliates who seek to obtain an exemption from the university’s vaccination requirement must apply in advance through NYU’s Office of Equal Opportunity. The exemption review process may take five business days or more.

If an exemption is granted by NYU, affiliates are required to upload a negative COVID-19 PCR test result and should allow 72 hours for verification, prior to being allowed access to campus buildings and University-sponsored off-campus activities. On each day an affiliate with an approved exemption intends to enter NYU buildings or participate in a University-sponsored off-campus activity, the university must have a valid negative COVID-19 PCR test taken within the 7 days prior to the date of campus access (not when the result was delivered).

Vendors and Visitors

Visitors and vendors are those who do not have an NYU Net ID (ex. prospective student, guest, or contracted to perform a service).  

NYU alumni must use the visitor exemption process.

Vendors and visitors claiming a valid medical or religious exemption must upload proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test result prior to their visit. The test must be taken within the 3 days (72 hours) prior to each date of access to NYU building or NYU-sponsored activity (on or off campus).

  • Test results must be uploaded and verified by the Extended Community Support Team in advance of the visit. Test results are not accepted at the door.
  • Because test results require manual review, vendors and visitors may not receive approval for access in time and should communicate with their NYU sponsor accordingly.
  • Vendors and visitors should be prepared to identify remote means of conducting their business with NYU.

Unvaccinated vendors and visitors without an approved negative COVID-19 PCR test result received in the past 72 hours will not be granted access to NYU buildings or NYU-sponsored activities (on or off campus)