A student from another college hoping to visit and stay overnight with your friend who lives in an NYU residence hall?  A contractor with an assignment on campus?  A parent hoping to look at your student's room during a visit to New York?  A vendor planning to stop by to pitch a service you offer?
For 2020-2021, NYU is adopting strict standards for visitors and vendors and limiting access.

Visitors and Vendors Guidelines

Guiding Principle: Limited Access for Safety

During Fall 2020, access to NYU buildings will be limited for the safety of the community. This policy is informed by State Public Health Guidelines and aims to provide a consistent approach to screening that is in parallel with the screening process in place for all NYU community members.

  • Non-essential visits are not permitted until further notice.
  • Events or social gatherings with external visitors will not be held until further notice.
  • Where feasible, in-person appointments, demos, meetings or sessions should instead be held virtually.
  • All deliveries (except for NYU Mail Services) should be limited to the front entrance of the building.

Building Entry for Visitors to Campus    

  • A visitor is anyone that does not normally work or study in any specific university building. For example, a community member who usually works or studies at a specific location is considered a visitor if they are visiting another campus location. Visitors may also be retirees or alumni.
  • Visitors to campus must have an essential purpose directly related to the work of the University.
  • Approved visitors must complete the Daily COVID-19 Screener for Campus Access and show the green approval screen to the PSO for building entry.
  • Approved visitors also must wear a face covering in accordance with NYU building entry requirements.
  • Visiting family members of students, faculty, or staff will not be permitted to enter NYU buildings (other than those that may be open to the public). They will be met at the entrance of buildings and visit with their family members at an off-campus location.

Building Entry for Vendors

Vendors must demonstrate compliance with Health Screening requirement by category:

We recognize that COVID-19's effects have been disparate, and its impacts on poor communities and communities of color have been especially painful. In our response to the coronavius, NYU is committed to mitigating those impacts as well as ensuring no one in our community is ostracized, bullied, or mistreated due to ignorance around this disease. If any member of our community believes they have experienced harassment or discrimination, we encourage them to report concerns to the Bias Response Line.