Updated: July 21

First, consider doing any meeting via remote. NYU offers an array of technologies to support collaborative, confidential meetings with peers both on-site and remote. Even if one has a private office, the use of a private office to hold one on one meetings is being strongly discouraged at this time. Whenever possible, consider using NYU Zoom. If you do have to have an in-person meeting:

  • Hold meetings in open, well-ventilated spaces.
  • All participants must wear face coverings that cover nose and mouth
  • Don't serve food
  • Social distancing of 6 ft (2m) must be adhered to. The number of people generally allowed for the space will be 20%-30% of the typical capacity for that room. Note and observe any maximum occupancy signs. If there are chairs, leave space between chairs and have attendees sit in alternating chairs or rows.
  • Mark tables or areas in meeting / conference rooms with appropriate distance markers
  • Share resources or material electronically before, during, and after the event to avoid items being passed hand-to-hand
  • Attendees should take the stairs when possible. Elevators will have reduced occupancy and should be prioritized for accessibility.