Updated: September 10

Determining which spaces may be closed temporarily, based on a department’s desire to balance its operational needs with any possible health concerns. These areas should not be used for gatherings.

Please be aware of the following new protocols:

  • Unwrapped leftovers or food left out for public consumption in these spaces for office consumption is discouraged.
  • Social distancing must be maintained at all times.  Face coverings should be used with the exception of limited removal to eat.  When entering the space, note the occupancy sign outside the room.
  • Lunches and breaks should be staggered to help control traffic in these spaces.
  • Do not use furniture if it is marked, “Not for Use.”  Please do not move furniture or chairs.
  • NYU encourages areas to maintain safe sustainability by using one’s own cups, utensils, and plates. However, after using, please wash and store them in your work space. If an area chooses to use disposable utensils and cups, please consult iBuy for sustainable options.
  • Water coolers, coffee machines, and microwave / toaster ovens must be wiped down or manipulated with paper towels.