Updated: September 22


In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, all dining locations have fully incorporated the recommended CDC and NY State (PDF) guidelines for hygiene, cleaning, and disinfection, and all dining associates will follow the mandated screening NY State guidelines and PPE requirements.

In order to keep each other safe, we ask that our community observe the following before and while visiting our dining facilities:

  • Prepare Online: To minimize time spent in the dining hall, customers are encouraged to view menus online at NYUEats.com or the NYU Mobile app prior to visiting the location.
  • Opt for Quick PIck Up: Pre-ordering is encouraged for retail locations, through the GrubHub app.
  • Wash Up: Please wash your hands and/or sanitize prior to visiting the dining location.
  • Wear Your Mask: Please note that face coverings are required to be worn in all dining locations.
  • Follow the Plan: When you arrive at the dining location, please observe the designated entrance and exits, queue and social distancing requirements, which will be outlined by floor decals, signage and dining hall associates.
  • Use Dining Hall Reusables: To avoid contamination, please do not bring your own containers or bottles into the dining locations.
  • Keep Cash at Home: Check out will be contactless and cashless. Customers can use NYU Meal Plans, Campus Cash or a credit/debit card.
For more information about dining, including meal plan rates and policies, dietary options, and nutritional support, visit the NYU Dining website.

Example sign: Order Ahead? Pickup Here

Look for signage like this at NYU dining locations

Dine Sensibly

After checking out, please cover your food and take it to a space that allows you to remain six feet away from the next person.

  • Wait to remove your face covering until you are ready to eat. It is recommended that you put your mask in a personal bag, rather than on a common area surface.
  • Be considerate of others. Minimize the time spent eating to allow for other customers who are waiting. Please also leave the space clean when you leave and deposit all empty containers in the proper receptacle.

There is currently no seating in dining locations, but you can take your meal outside, to your dorm room, or to one of the listed permitted socially-distanced eating and drinking locations.


GCASL # of Seats

2nd floor lounge


3rd floor lounge


4th floor lounge


5th floor lounge


Kimmel Center
# of Seats

2nd floor, Commuter lounge


2nd floor outside seating


2nd floor lounge


3rd floor outside seating


7th floor lounge


8th floor lounge


9th floor lounge



2 MetroTech # of Seats
8th floor, Town Hall
5 MetroTech # of Seats
1st floor lounge, piano area 5
370 Jay Street # of Seats
2nd floor lounge 22
12th floor lounge, 1202 8
12th floor lounge, 1204 12