Updated: August 27

Making Your Way Around Campus

Making your way around campus may require a bit more effort and attention, but it is part of our effort to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

  • Please be aware of new signage marking designated entrances and exits.
  • Keep an eye out for direction markers on floor or spacing markers.
  • Hand sanitizers will be available at building entrances—we encourage you to sanitize regularly.
  • Hover your ID card (no need to touch the scanner).
  • Take the stairs when you're going to a lower floor.
  • Budget extra time to get to class or your office—there may be a line to get into the building.

Reducing Density in Buildings and Rooms

NYU’s plans for Fall 2020 include a reduced presence of faculty, staff, and students on campus. Classrooms will hold 50% occupancy – or less. And in line with physical distancing guidelines, we have reduced density in our student residence halls by about 45%. Operational plans for administrators are based on the same principle of de-densification: NYU is aiming for minimum on-campus staffing presence to support students, faculty, and research, with many employees either continuing to telework exclusively or coming to campus less frequently.

We are reducing density in NYU facilities by:

  • Setting in place enrollment and space capacity caps, adjusting class schedules, reconfiguring classrooms, and only using classrooms in which students and faculty can maintain 6-foot distancing.
  • Prohibiting all non-essential, large, in-person gatherings at the start of the semester. The possibility of safely gathering for purposes such as social events or informal get-togethers will be re-assessed regularly throughout the semester.
  • Assigning fewer students to our residence halls and securing additional suitable off-campus accommodations.
  • Changing seating and how meals are served in dining facilities, including expanding take-out options.
  • Having units and schools plan for a reduced in-person administrative presence and continued telework by staff and administrators while ensuring that high priority activities — teaching and learning, duties performed by essential employees, research activity, supporting students’ return to campus — are fully covered.