Updated: July 12

Building Access Checklist

During the 2021 summer...

1. Be permitted on campus

All students—NYU and visiting summer students plus new and returning fall students—enrolled or maintaining matriculation are automatically permitted. Students registered at any campus are included.

All faculty and employees from any NYU location no longer need to be on a Returns Plan and may return to campus.

Visitors, vendors, and affiliates of NYU must be pre-approved to be on campus and can find more information about requesting access on the Campus Visitors page.

2. Upload your vaccination or get tested

Summer 2021

This summer, all students, faculty, and employees studying, residing, or working on site are required to either provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination or undergo regular NYU COVID-19 testing so we can prevent the spread of the virus and monitor the rate of COVID-19 infections within the NYU community.

Visitors, vendors, and affiliates are strongly encouraged to get vaccinated as soon as possible and must still receive a negative COVID-19 diagnostic PCR test result in the 14 days prior to your visit (antibody and rapid tests are not acceptable).

Fall 2021

For the fall semester, the University requires that all members of the NYU community be vaccinated against COVID-19 with an FDA-authorized or WHO-listed vaccine, and that they upload proof of vaccination in order to access NYU buildings. This includes all students, faculty, employees, vendors, and affiliates. Students must upload their proof of vaccination by July 19 and faculty and employees must upload by August 1.

3. Complete the Daily Screener before leaving home

Fill out the Daily COVID-19 Screener before you leave for campus (have a thermometer handy) and feel free to take a screenshot of the Daily Screener “PASS" confirmation so as not to hold up the line waiting to get into a building.

NOTE: it is important that you complete the screener while you are still home.  Do not wait until you are in transit or arrive on campus.

How might you lose access?

  • Failure to use the Daily Screener each day before you enter an NYU building
  • Failure to participate in required community testing
  • Violations of NYU's safety protocols, such as failure to wear a mask
  • You are deemed to pose a COVID-19 risk to the community (for example you test positive for COVID-19)