Updated: January 7

Every member of the NYU community who is authorized to be on-site and planning to enter an NYU building will need to follow several steps before gaining access.

Building Access Checklist

  1. Get tested – Non-residential students and employees must get a COVID-19 PCR test and result through Binx or NYU BioReference within 14 days prior to when you will first enter an NYU building. Residential students must submit a Binx saliva test kit weekly.
  2. Complete the Daily COVID-19 Screener for Campus Access – Fill out the Daily COVID-19 Screener before you leave for class or work each morning you are coming to campus (and have a thermometer handy).
    NOTE: it is important that you complete the screener while you are still home.  Do not wait until you are in transit or arrive on campus.

How might you lose access?

  • Failure to use the Daily Screener each day you enter an NYU building
  • Failure to participate in required community testing
  • Violations of NYU's safety protocols, such as failure to wear a mask
  • You are deemed to pose a COVID-19 risk to the community (for example you test positive for COVID-19)